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Edd Barrett @ebarrett

Loving syspatch(8) for OpenBSD :)

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@ebarrett are you using it along with m:tier?

@kurtm @ebarrett so you're using syspatch for base and just run openup telling it to only update packages (-K?)?

Additionally how did you handle the initial upgrade? Removed existing openup patches before booting with new bsd.rd?

@mulander @ebarrett M:Tier doesn't seem to be doing binpatches for 6.1. Not so far anyway.
as for the upgrade, it depended on which server, but I usually blew away the binpatch*/ directories in /var/db/pkg before the upgrade. If I didn't remember, I did it after the upgrade.
I disabled openup for a bit because they didn't have anything ready for 6.1 and I kept getting lots of 404 errors in my root emails.

@kurtm thanks for the info. I was putting off a server upgrade before I saw how syspatch and openup behave with a few people running them.

@mulander I don't blame you :)
M:Tier hasn't announced anything about binpatches for 6.1 and/or the lack thereof, but I'm assuming they are not going to do duplicate effort.

@mulander As of today (or presumably, sometime during the last 4 days when I was on vacation), a new version of openup was released. It specifically checks for and applies syspatch patches for 6.1. So it looks like those of us who use openup may not need a run of syspatch in cron also.

@kurtm thanks for remembering to let me know! :) Yeah I was super happy to see the update info on /r/openbsd :D

@mulander No problem. I was mentioning it to my wife and then remembered you had asked about it and 6.1 :)