@solene Yeah, but i'm not certain that's the only factor. I compress with 192kb/s vorbis. In the past I was unable to hear the difference between this and uncompressed (my ears are not that great).

Why is it that my Sony CD Walkman from the 1990s sounds a kajillion times better than my phone? Are we skimping out in DACs on modern phones?

@kurtm Hrm. I doubt it. The UK has been really bad at adopting IPv6.

@tedu This is my working theory. Looking into unwind is on my "to do" list.

@solene Nope. Direct connection. My colleague reports the same issue on his laptop too.

Has anyone figured out how to make firefox work when moving between networks on OpenBSD? After moving, I seem to have to close and re-open it to make web-pages load...

Experimenting with sccache today (github.com/mozilla/sccache) to see if we can get our CI build time down from 2.5 hours...

Has anyone tried sequoia pgp on OpenBSD? I suppose it'll have the usual LibreSSL+Rust problems, since it uses the OpenSSL API?

@major Glad to hear it, but PGP isn't really anything to do with BSD :P

Just uploaded my gpg public keys to the new
keys.openpgp.org server. keys.openpgp.org/about/news#20

`keyserver hkp://keys.openpgp.org` in ~/.gnupg/gpg.conf then `gpg --send-keys <keyhash>`.

I can't stop reading the www.ecocoin.com white paper. Honestly how are we supposed to satirize corporate tech bros when they roast themselves so comprehensively with their own ideas like this

If this weren't real it would truly be the Mona Lisa of tech satire

I liked the swap-shop at @barcampcant -- I wonder if we could set something more permanent up online for local Kent swaps/pass-me-downs? Ideas? Mailing list? New hipster web app?

I know there's freecycle and freegle, but they tend to be too general for projects.

Can I split a tmux pane into a new pane with a shell in the same path? That would be so convenient.

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