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Edd Barrett @ebarrett@mastodon.social

Any programming language VM researchers on mastodon?

Today I learned that on Linux a system call may not switch to kernel space: 0xax.gitbooks.io/linux-insides

people. Can I encode a rpath using cargo?

"It is a scandal, and I want repaired processors for free. I don't care if they are 30% slower, as long as they work to spec." -- itwire.com/security/81338-hand

The MoreVMs'18 call for papers is up. Please consider contributing: 2018.programming-conference.or

Via @laurencetratt on twitter: Today is the last day to register for S-REPLS soft-dev.org/events/srepls8/ -- we've got a good crowd already, but there are still a handful of places left. Free and open to all!

Installed the twitter android app a few days ago and it's already driving me crazy with its constant irrelevant notifications.

@mulander if it makes you feel any better, the film isn't very good

Eh.. The film "selfless". Just compared Einstein to Steve Jobs. And the Apple product placement hasn't gone unnoticed.

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So, part of EV (Electric Vehicle) etiquette is that you are only supposed to take up a charger for 4 hours. So I make it a point that early afternoon, I move my car to a normal spot.

I seem to be the only one who does this. I ran late this morning, and all the cars there this morning are still there. None of them were pulling a charge any more (battery totally full).

So, the only guy who was still pulling a charge moved his vehicle. (Not that the battery wasn't almost full).

Writing threaded C code gives me a new found appreciation for what is aiming at.

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@musicmatze A Rust podcast (or even a systems programming one) would be a good shout.

@veer66 You may end up with an inefficient program if you clone too much. I'm currently in the process of learning too :)

"Dongles should be the exception, not the norm" -- yes, yes! Finally somone agrees! More USB ports on laptops please. marco.org/2017/11/24/fixing-th

@wezm A little faster in places. Video playback no longer glitching out.

OK, installing firefox quantum on my OpenBSD desktop... Let's see if it lives up to the hype :)