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Samsung To Let Proper Linux Distros Run on Galaxy Smartphones: m.slashdot.org/story/332581

@alexh On OpenBSD? I failed to get U2F working about a year ago.

Anyone know if a YubiKey 4 nano works on OpenBSD?

@mulander I use GPG a lot to encrypt to myself. You notice very quickly under this scenario!

@mulander Looking at my keychain, I have unlimited expiration on the master key, then fixed expiration on the subkeys.

If your Yubikey *is* vulnerable, Yubico will send you a new one for no charge: yubico.com/keycheck/verify_man

If you are using RSA keys generated by yubikey 4 (version < 4.3.5) then you should probably make some new keys (off-chip): yubico.com/support/security-ad

I love how in A Clockwork Orange, Alex refers to Crosley Cruiser style record players as "picnic spinners". Appending this to my vocab :)

@pointlessone Yeah. I tend not to read sequels. I've moved on to 'A Clockwork Orange' :)

"We made our way around the conference asking people to give us a clear explanation of blockchain and to explain why it was so exciting...Many struggled to sum it up in a sentence. "

bbc.co.uk/news/technology-4169 mastodon.social/media/mbmHEErC

@pointlessone 5/5! Great story. I thought it would be more about HAL, but he becomes a minor character fairly soon.

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If you’re asking me whether I still regret the “ALTA VISTA 4 LIFE” lower back tattoo I got in 1998, then yes. The answer is yes

Just finished "2001: A Space Odyssey" by Arthur C. Clarke.

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To those that contribute to , thank you. It's a project which definitely makes my sysadmin/email life easier.


See you at OOPSLA in Vancouver?

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researcher about the mikrotik silent patch.

>I allowed OpenBSD to patch silently myself. I never allow MikroTek that. Unless CERT/CC allowed them, they broke embargo without permission


Side note: It's funny that CERT/CC can decide who can do early patches no?

cc: @phessler @stsp

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If you're sick, stay home from work

Thanks from us healthy folks