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@solene I don't think it does. I see only a password input box.

@krono Didn't you have some webdav recommendation, btw?

/sys in Linux isn't documented all that well, is it?

@ckeen Sadly uploads don't see to work in syncthing lite :(

@ckeen yeah, but this seems more useful than what I was using syncthing for in the first place!

@ckeen It's perfect, but clashes with the other syncthing app..

@ckeen Syncthing is superb, but it syncs *everything* in a folder. I'd like to be able to pick and choose what files to download to my phone. I guess like how google drive works.

@ckeen A server for my vps, and a client for my phone. nextcloud looks nice to use, but i fear the PHP ;)

@FiLiS Thanks! I just want to be able to browse files from my phone.

Anyone using webdav on OpenBSD? Is there a way to do it without a big PHP web application like nextcloud?

@kurtm @worr I remember using ldapvi a long time ago. Neat tool.

What's your favourite "hidden gem" command line utility?

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