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Just the most badass mouse mat you are ever likely to witness :)

top secret command: `/usr/bin/time -l` prints the contents of the rusage struct for the process. Useful for finding max memory consumption for example :)

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In German every sentence is a miniature whodunnit, you have to keep on reading to the end to find out what the verb will be.

arxiv.org/ is really excellent for hosting pre-prints (and final versions) of papers. I wasn't sold at first, but it's grown on me. Good show arxiv!

Need to measure something? Only have your computer? iruler.net/

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I love being in control of the volume of my dad's laptop via ssh while he's playing youtube videos too loud. He has no idea I take it down slowly in 5% increments. Like boiling a frog 🐸 😉

dave@dave-Inspiron-1545:~$ amixer -D pulse sset Master 5%-

Just ordered a hot air rework station. Should make de-soldering chips much easier!

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Here comes a mathematics-friendly mastodon!! LaTeX notations are automatically converted into mathematical equations.
mathtod.online/about mastodon.blue/media/iSmCHn5dvw

@omerk How hard would it be to make an open source and low cost yubikey 4 a-like? Can't help but feel yubikey 4 is a little expensive for individuals...

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The Internet Archive has decided to ignore robots.txt

This is amazing news for internet history.
a) All public stuff will be crawled. Don't want that? Don't make your shit public.
b) Lapsed domains replaced with parking pages using restricting robots.txt won't prevent old, dead versions of sites from being visible.

Archive everything. #NewLibraryofAlexandria #OCD

Would like a yubikey 4, but wow, the £££ :(

Annotated disassembly of the ZX spectrum ROM. Pretty interesting. z00m.speccy.cz/docs/dis-romzx-

This weekend: Deploy rspamd, because this is just getting silly!

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Okay, Sticker Mule has basically abandoned our stickers. I need a new company that can print stickers and most importantly that can do the selling and shipping on my behalf (like a marketplace). Anyone suggestions?