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Edd Barrett @ebarrett@mastodon.social

Apparently hipsters are putting dry ice in their beer now. Pfft, I've been putting water in beer for years. That's ice before it was cool.

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Which fool called it a jet ski instead of a boatercycle?

Finished 'Consider Phleabas' by Iain M Banks at the weekend. Now on to 'The Water Knife' by Paolo Bacigalupi. (Loved 'The Windup Girl').

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is there a gnu social / mastodon mirror for the openbsd cvs bot?

My daydream: unknown function `SOme'. Did you mean `Some'? Update in source code and continue? [y/n]: yeeeeesssss!

Vim tip: # is like *, but searches backwards.

Get a file from another branch/version in git: git show $VERSION:$FILE

Does anyone know a way to make tmux use TERM=screen-256color if the outer env is 256 colour compatible?

This request has now been satisfied btw.

I wonder if the government appreciates how large scale moderation of social media really is? It's a devilishly difficult task at best!