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researcher about the mikrotik silent patch.

>I allowed OpenBSD to patch silently myself. I never allow MikroTek that. Unless CERT/CC allowed them, they broke embargo without permission

Side note: It's funny that CERT/CC can decide who can do early patches no?

cc: @phessler @stsp


If you're sick, stay home from work

Thanks from us healthy folks

The signify keys for the upcoming 6.2 release:

base: RWRVWzAMgtyg7g27STK1h1xA6RIwtjex6Vr5Y9q5SC5q5+b0GN4lLhfu
fw: RWSbA8C2TPUQLi48EqHtg7Rx7KGDt6E/2d8OeJinGZPbpoqGRxA0N2oW

Fun week. Wrote low-latency performance counter fetching support for the Linux kernel, and integrated it into our benchmark runner.

A bunch of developers are playing with clang builds of , really cool to see a game plan developing.

Looks like there is going to be a talk about at 2017. Looking forward!

Do you like adverts? Do you like watching the adverts again when the app crashes? Then the channel 4 catch up service is for you!

Dusted off my Dad's old turntable last night. Still working after all these years!

When a paper deadline is the same day as the start of a beer festival :)

Enjoyed hearing BBC Radio 4 trying to comprehend death metal just now...

I'm hoping the hard-copy REPL will make a resurgence within the hipster community:

Worse than hayfever itself is the annual barrage of pseudo-scientific "natural remedies" that a google search will unearth.

Creating global mutable state in Rust (don't unless you have good reason btw) with and without `lazy_static`:

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