Since I like history, I care about the @gnome project, and I love making people cringe with my voice, I started a podcast about the History of GNOME:

The History of GNOME is meant to be a way for newcomers to the project to get a better overview of how we got where we are now; it may also be interesting for old timers, to remember how far we've come

Expect an episode every Thursday, for the next few weeks, while I go through the 1.x cycle of the project

I love listening to podcasts, and from the announcement it promises to be interesting. My Antennapod doesn't play the files, but I don't know why.

@silwol I've tested with Rhythmbox and GNOME's Podcasts app; the RSS feed is compliant with iTunes, so in theory it should work with anything compatible

Thanks for checking. I listened to the first episode on the PC. Feed etc. seems to be working fine, it's just that my phone does not play the mp3 file, also not in other players. Would you consider releasing other formats like opus or vorbis?

@silwol I'm not entirely sure I push multiple file types with the current system that publishes the feed from by blog; I'll have a look

For people wo understand german, this 10 year-old podcast episode is also interesting:

@ebassi @gnome I can share on the GNOME twitter account as well. Should be fun!

@ebassi @gnome I'll finally have a reason to use @alatiera 's Podcasts!

Looking forward to listening. 🙂

@ebassi @gnome I just listened to what you produced so far, waiting for next Thursday will be tough. 😃 You wrote and produced these well!

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