The design team wants your feedback for a potential visual refresh of the default theme: — if you have an application that ships custom CSS, testing is appreciated!

@ebassi Nice. The new Header bar looks fantastic!

@ebassi I like the visuals. I think the refresh could - maybe should - go even further in this direction.
But why tie it so directly to GTK? This is only a theme update, no? So why not call it Adwaita 1.1, decouple the development from GTK and just ship it at some point?

@ebassi I'm especially confused that you keep referring to it as just Adwaita. This has high potential to lead to confusion between "old Adwaita" and "new Adwaita".
For a complete overhaul maybe you should even consider switching to a completely different name.

@solarkraft There wouldn't be an "old Adwaita" or a "new Adwaita": there's only one Adwaita. If the changes land in Git, then your Adwaita would change from the old appearance to the new

@solarkraft Adwaita is part of GTK; it's the default appearance of the toolkit. Without it, there's no appearance whatsoever

@solarkraft The whole point of the blog post is to let app developers that we're planning a visual refresh of the default theme; if they are shipping custom CSS that is meant to fit it with the default theme, then that custom CSS may break, so this is a period for feedback and testing before we commit to the visual refresh

@ebassi I *love* all the new tweaks to Adwaita (and also the new GNOME icon theme).

Everything's so fresh & modernized.

@ebassi I'm a KDE person but here to send some love about the theme (to outbalance the dicks) - it looks awesome and I will love to test it when it comes out


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