"git req 42", fetch merge request number 42 and switch to that branch: arusahni.github.io/git-req/

Supports GitHub and GitLab.


@federicomena I strongly recommend lab: github.com/zaquestion/lab — it even shows the CI state on the terminal

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@ebassi @federicomena that looks great!

Out of curiosity, how did you install it?

(Asking because it's not in Fedora, and while I'm not usinng Silver blue, lately I've been thinking about how to install things like this in a way that would work if I were)

@mathieu @federicomena Download the binary build for Linux from the release page, and drop it into ~/.local/bin. Go statically links everything anyway, so you're good to go 😀

@mathieu @federicomena It may be possible to flatpak it, if the Go runtime extension works

@ebassi @mathieu @federicomena The extension does work, but then somebody needs to maintain it and update it, and also flatpak does not really work well for cli tools as it was never the target.

@alatiera @mathieu @federicomena This case is also kind of hard, because a) lab is a wrapper around git/hub, which means you either also build those tools or you can't access them from the sandbox; and b) spinning up the sandbox for running a CLI tool for about 1 second is kind of expensive. Plus, you need to give it access to everywhere you have Git repos.

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