@ebassi Nice, also great to see the mention of the responsive settings menu, and the potato to indicate low resource usage ^^

@ebassi what’s the best way to try it out? Do I wait for Fedora 32?

@aadil You can use Boxes to try out a VM of Fedora or OpenSUSE; usually those are pretty fast with the updates

@ebassi already using Fedora as my daily driver. Guess I'll just wait till Fedora 31 gets released.

@aadil @ebassi you don't have to wait till it's released to upgrade to it 😉

@bugaevc @aadil I'd wait until next week to upgrade to the Beta 😋

@ebassi i would re-blurt this link if it were to a decentralized FOSS video sharing app/site like LBRY, bittubers.com or peertube.
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