Wrote a whole thing on the bird site on the state of and . Not going to paste it here, so here's a link: twitter.com/ebassi/status/1220


Nevertheless, I'm going to add two things here: Next week, we're going to have a hackfest and accessibility is a key item on the agenda; hopefully we can start gathering enough data to make things a bit better, and lower the barrier of entry for everyone

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It's going to be a long term job—especially because there aren't many people left in this area—so if you care about this, please consider donating to the @gnome Foundation who pays me to work on .

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is a great way for individuals to support the development of : gnome.org/support-gnome/

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@veer66 @gnome @federicomena I'm concentrating on GTK, but since I'm planning to move functionality out of the toolkit and into the display server/compositor (global shortcuts, key watchers) then some things will need to be implemented at the desktop environment level—which means GNOME

@veer66 @gnome @federicomena Only if they use GTK4. We can only change the API in new major cycles, which means GTK2 and GTK3 cannot change; this also means that existing apps/environments will keep working with the existing stack while we work on the new functionality

@ebassi @gnome The work you do is crucial for GTK devs like myself. Now that I have a job and make money, it's time to donate to projects that actively improve my life and well-being like GNOME, LibreOffice, and Wikipedia to name a few.

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