After fighting against library-web for a couple of months, I ended up switching to Sphinx for the new website—following the work done by the design team for the new HIG. Turns out it was a very good choice, because now we have a decent developer documentation website that we can easily improve, instead of an opaque Django monstrosity that we can't even test locally.

The remaining task is publishing the API references for the libraries in the SDK—which we're already building for the org.gnome.Sdk.Docs run time extension:

Separately, I'm looking into being able to install and browse locally the documentation of different versions of the SDK using Devhelp:

Additionally, I'm working on a CI template for libraries hosted on, to allow them to build and publish their API reference as part of their CI pipeline.


Once all of that is done, maybe I'll try to work on world peace. It'll likely be easier.

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@ebassi What about achieving peace between Linux communities? xd

Jokes aside, excellent work, as always :)

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