@ebassi Hmm, Looking at docs.gtk.org/glib/index.html#f is it intentional that they've lost all the g_ prefixes? e.g. there's no entry for 'g_strdup' and following the strdup link I end up at docs.gtk.org/glib/func.strdup. which is the right docs, but doesn't help me if I was trying to websearch for the docs for g_strdup. (I regularly search for glib docs, so that's a pain for me)

@penguin42 Yes, it's intentional. Even gtk-doc grouped functions *without* the namespace in its index, because otherwise everything would be hard to visually scan in a sea of `g_*`.

The search function in the side bar uses the whole function name, so if you search for `g_strdup` you'll get that immediately.

@ebassi I'm sorry, but the loss of the 'g_' is horrible - especially for functions that have a C library equivalent with the same name. It's very unclear, and now impossible to websearch for.

@penguin42 What do you mean with "websearch"? You mean search inside the page? Because the docs website already has a search function that renders live updates and it's easier to access.

If you mean "search with a search engine" then the name of the function is inside the contents of the page, so it'll be indexed.

Yes, it's a change. I think you should give it a try for a little while, before passing judgement.

@ebassi I did give it a try and it's not working out for me; I tried both google and ddg for g_autofree and g_try_malloc and they're not finding useful pages yet - maybe they'll settle out when people link. But even within the page if I use my browsers ctrl-f search for g_try_malloc it doesn't hit it because of the stripped g_ - but it does find all the places that reference it (e.g. 'This function is similar to g_try_malloc()) but then those haven't been turned into links.

@penguin42 docs.gtk.org hasn't been fully indexed by Google, as far as I can see.

Again: use the search functionality of the documentation site. It's there for a reason.

And if you *really* want to go back in time to 2005, you can still use the static snapshot at developer-old.gnome.org/glib

@ebassi I find search boxes a pain - I've already got the ctrl-f search in my browser, it works for everyone else. I'm happy to admit these pages are nicely layed out, clear etc and much more readable than the old ones; navigation however, I'm finding painful.

@penguin42 The GLib/GObject/GIO documentation on docs.gtk.org is generated via the introspection data, and the contents are still using conventions of gtk-doc. It will take time to port them to gi-docgen, like we did for GTK4; but that is the end goal. That's why the linking doesn't work.

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