New entries in my queue. Rounding up my Full Metal Panic: Invisible Victory model collection. The Savage is also the first non-Bandai model I’m going to build.

Quarantine project: the Barbatos Incubus. MG 1/100, hand painted custom colour scheme

Full Mechanics (no grade) 1/100 scale Barbatos; hand painted, weathered and battle damage. That was a fun build, lots of details. Makes me really hopeful for the Master Grade

Barbatos Lupus 1/100 FM, inner frame with painted mechanical details. Waiting for the official MG...

Taking advantage of the @gnome icon guidelines and the appropriate tooling for writing my @guadec talk

Waiting for the Real Grade version of the Nu Gundam, here’s the MG ver.Ka. First time hand painting, there’s lots of room to improve

Decided to go for a wee bit of wear and tear on the paint scheme for the Nu. Feels appropriate.

It’s been a while since I made an HG , but I have to say: the Gundam Narrative version is a really nice design

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