@devinprater GNOME Shell does not use GTK, so any change in GTK4 is not going to impact it.

It seems the Shell is missing additional descriptive terms for its components; sadly, it has not been a priority after the initial port for the GNOME 3.0 release. I'm sure the maintainers would appreciate it if you filed an issue: gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gnome-s

In case you missed it, this December GTK blog from Emmanuele reflects on the incredible amount of work hundreds of contributors put into GTK 4.0 over the last four years. blog.gtk.org/2020/12/17/who-wr

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@cadadr Since GNOME is an important part of the ecosystem it cannot just land random patches—especially when each author disappeared after review.

Nevertheless, it's been abundantly clear that people are more interested in scratching their own itch with little thought about the consequences of touching a complex codebase.

You can keep saying to yourself "perfect is the enemy of good", but we're nowhere near "good".

@cadadr It only appear that way if you do not maintain the library—in other words, if you're willing to trade the potential of a solution for the effort of the maintainers to keep it working, and to respond to bug reports and every other bullshit blog posts/tweets/whatever from people who do not understand that free software doesn't work they way they think it does.

@tbernard @federicomena @exalm First thing to do is ditch the various crapola around sounds; then you can contact some sound designer for the only system sound you really need, and then add a few variants.

Software ethics question 

@brainblasted What I did when I rewrote gnome-dictionary from scratch was to leave the original authors in the "AUTHORS" file and whatever was present in the about dialog.

I'd just leave their name, though, because people have the tendency to email everyone they can find in the About dialog with questions, instead of filing bugs.

@cassidyjames He could. Gerald Ford never lived down pardoning Nixon for a lot less. Also: the pardon would still not stop an impeachment that would prevent running from office ever again.

@n8 I have always enabled it on my programming text editor; my terminal font has ligature disabled mostly because they can break the grid, but there are a couple of monospace fonts that attempt at keeping it working

@n8 Ah, almost forgot: != becoming ≠; <= and >= becoming ≤ and ≥; arrow (->) and fat arrow (=>) notations becoming real arrows (→ and ⇒, respectively).

I'm less interested in quotes like << and >> becoming « and », mostly because that wouldn't work really well with languages that use nested angular brackets, like Rust

@n8 triple equal sign becoming a math identity sign is definitely more readable for me. And I’m one of those weirdos that likes and uses fonts with ligatures in his text editors

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Watching Nausicaä reminds me that I’m long overdue a Fushigi no Umi no Nadia rewatch

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Today is a Nausicaä/Laputa double bill kind of evening

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@oct2pus @brainblasted When you get hit by truck kun with your mom, end up in another world, and your mom is so OP that she's the one that ends up on the harem route: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Do_You_L

@brainblasted Oh, I almost forgot: My Next Life as a Villainess was actually pretty fun, even though it basically ran out of material by the end of its season.

@brainblasted Indeed. It doesn't help that apparently we're still not out of the isekai trend in Japan, which means a complete oversaturation of low-effort/low-stakes crap. I literally lost count of the cookie-cutter isekai "oh I ended up in a fantasy RPG setting and I'm super OP" series we got in the past 24 months.

I thought we hit the lowest point with the MILF isekai from last year, but apparently we're not out of the woods, yet.

@brainblasted As a meta-genre, it's very (little) hit and (large) miss. Comedy isekai can be fairly good: Konosuba, Cautious Hero, even Log Horizon. Otherwise, if you want to go on the other direction, there's Saga of Tanya the Evil or Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash. The problem is that you get a ton of edgelord crap, like Shield Hero or Goblin Slayer, and 15 year olds love that stuff. Goblin Slayer was a literal "what if you killed only goblins" shitpost thread on 2chan

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