@brunoph oh man I wanted one of those so bad growing up. So jealous of my friend who not only had a Walkman but also a home stereo with minidisc support T_T

I just discovered Alan Kay and I have the sudden urge to play with Smalltalk/Squeak and lisp

Guy sitting close to us on the is straight up watching porn. Wtf..

and should have an “account required” and “online only” filter. Often enough I want an app, not a portal to an online page/service.

I guess that’s just a fuzzy spell checker. I.e. one that gives suggestions.

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Tool, given dictionary, searches text for possible misspellings. Not grammatically correct because identifiers often aren't full/real words.

@Gargron Various tech websites some time ago. I hesitated joining then when this instance was locked and I didn’t want to pigeonhole myself in a specific community or server. Instance migration while saving subscribers/followers would greatly ease this anxiety...

Jumping back into coding . Porting OSS (libs, tools, etc) is a great way to learn and grow!

Grep was created out of the need to search/analyze the Federalist Papers. I love it! youtube.com/watch?v=NTfOnGZUZD

Traffic in area has been great the last 2 days...and I'm not even being sarcastic!!!

My wife say's I've got a sweet hockey body. She's Finnish so I think that's a compliment.


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