who even follows this old-ass account

and do any of you know what happened to cybre

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gamification: you get points for doing things, compete against your friends on the leaderboards

#gameification: since we all know rewards are meaningless and have shirked society's games, we cooperate to transcend the system

I saw this today hanging out with some friends and one of their young kids and I'm mildly obsessed with it: m.youtube.com/watch?v=G25CwIi-

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do you know of an instance dedicated to gameing?
(Not to be confused with gaming?)

I am doing a lot of Things today ugh when did I become social

i've been meaning to learn Spanish for ages, this seems like a good time to get on that

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you're important
you're valid
your identity is not fake
your presence is making this a better place
i'm glad you're here

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do you like free games? tight, saint's row 2 is free on gog today


is this port playable? who knows, but it's free so there's no downside for giving it a shot

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gaming: posting gay porn on the public timeline

: posting gay porn on the public timeline using appropriate content warnings

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going to a work party and then possibly a board game night tonight

I'm never super comfortable at work parties but I love all my coworkers and several of them are either leaving soon or just left yesterday so I definitely want to go. but I'm still glad to have an out if I want to leave earlier

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Hot Mastodon tips for 2017:
- serve a pineapple upside-down cake
- vows must fit into 500 characters
- get a witch as your officiant
- you're not married; you're "federated"

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Hey baby, are you a MEKA? Because I want to get inside you and broadcast the results on the internet.

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Hey babe, do you main Hanzo? Because I can already feel you fucking me over.

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