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last post before deleting this account

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i deleted my facebook account a few months ago. i don't have a screenshot though. give me boosts

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happy new year. enjoy the angry fediverse nerd episode two you sick fucks

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GoFundMe, Asking for Help Show more

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my other thought on funding fediverse development is even more depressing.

Gargron gets $4,834 per month from Patreon and a lot of people say that is way too much.

but the reality is, that’s barely making it, especially in an expensive place to live like Germany.

what this tells me is that the best path to funding fediverse development is to work with organizations which want to leverage the technology, which is essentially the path we are taking with Pleroma (a few features landing in Pleroma lately have been funded in some way), but that is controversial in it’s own way.

anyway, this is something to blog about eventually, once we have more concrete data about where things are going, so we can do a better comparison.

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a key issue with funding fediverse development is ensuring that donation money or donated time is used in an ethical way, this is really complicated stuff.

for example, many people who donate to gargron's patreon feel they are entitled to special treatment (maybe to a minor extent this is true since donations should be appreciated), such as helping to define development cycles and feature design.

this is problematic for a few reasons: many of the people who try to define these parameters don't understand the technological feasibility of the proposals they make, but the supply of donation money puts pressure on Gargron to deliver half-baked solutions when there is no way to really solve the problem.

if you're wondering why some of mastodon's features make no sense, it's because they are built around trying to satisfy those people to keep the money flowing while also knowing that there is not really any proper way to do it in activitypub (or any other federated protocol).

this is probably something for me to blog about eventually.
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#instance #admins, #new #users toot #introductions without hashtagged #interests, and I suspect they do because they aren't aware only the hashtagged keywords are searchable. I see #tutorials and #guides omit this useful hint, but I don't know why.

Any new users eager to quickly redraft their #introduction to hashtag their interests to compare difference in speed and quantity of #follows?

I used to search weekly for hashtag-rich intros to boost; they're rarer now.

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In case you missed it:

The Brave web browser is funded by venture capital and sells advertising space to replace the ads it blocks.

Here's their ad-sales site:

"funded by Founders Fund, Foundation Capital, Propel Venture Partners, Pantera Capital, DCG, Danhua Capital, and Huiyin Blockchain Venture among others."

You might want to consider other options if you still use #Brave.

#WebBrowsers #Privacy

(via @hypolite )

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in the future they thought everything would just have 1 extra dimension. e.g. CDs will still exist but they'll be a sphere. how will the spindle get in to make them spin? we'll think of it later. 3D doritos. etc

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please participate in my survey concerning fediverse software development.

it will help to influence how Pleroma and other fediverse project development is done in the future.

please also consider boosting this, so more people will take the survey.
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We will be testing ActivityPub federation on a public instance this weekend.

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Google says it found security bug in Google Plus, and is shutting down Google+ for consumers (as if you’ll notice...)

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