The prisoner's rebel once again and start to attack the guards until Ricky reaches the prison wall, breaking it allowing the prisoners and himself to go free.

when I post an incredible cat picture and nobody reacts, that's a sign this place is as rewarding for me as

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anyways please enjoy this very carefully held jurassic park slammer

negative vibes 

the narrowing options (and incredibly increasing risks) for sharing your honest life on the internet is pretty dispiriting

theory: brent spiner took a good chunk of his acting for data from how david byrne behaves

early vs later calvin & hobbs sunday strip layouts as an example of why web design is deathly stale

heeey folks, tonight I'm doing SLAM FOR HOPE, vancouver's annual charity pog tournament! we're raising money for bc children's hospital foundation. come to mount pleasant neighbourhood house at 7 to play! no pogs required, I got thousands of them for you to grab & slam! also, check out the art for our commemorative pog that @irisjaycomics made!

heeey comics/zines folks: what's a good service where I can just plomp a 'Buy Zine' button on a website and people can click it, pay some cash, and get a pdf sent to them? Looking for a better system than JotForms.

next story project: the time-travelling, therapy-giving zipper carnival ride

really wondering why a random 13-year-old followed me on peach

being online now is like breathing straight from the car tailpipe

the amount of information that's been lost due to ebay deleting their finished auctions must be staggering

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