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The truth is a lion, you don't have to defend it, all you have to do is let it loose it defends it's self 😉

match starting soon or catch-up with men's big air and woman's snowboarding superpipe

gonna record the XGames since it isn't live

i do like the crossposting BUT not everything needs crossposting.

would be better if the crossposter tool allowed us to tag what gets posted like on G+ i can post to twitter using a crossposting tool BUT my G+ posts only get tweeted if i put in the G+ post which is cool as not every post on G+ i make i want tweeted

The current version of adds a "Toot" and "Toot and Tweet" button to Twitter intent dialogues and to TweetDeck

Tooter brings Mastodon share integration to the web, by adding 'toot' and 'share to Mastodon' options to popular sharing sites and services

instead of using crossposter tool to tweet my toots or toot my tweets I'm using this handy chrome extension Tooter giving me more control over what is crossposted between mastodon and twitter

Read my Jan 16 'geeky-tweets' Newsletter featuring “Inside Telegram's ambitious $1.2B ICO to create the next…”

Jake Tapper Makes Trump's 'S***hole' Defenders Look Like Idiots With Brilliant Response

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