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The truth is a lion, you don't have to defend it, all you have to do is let it loose it defends it's self 😉

Experts Warn of Privacy Risks Caused by Link Previews in Messaging Apps

Linus Torvalds hails 'historic' Linux 5.10 for ditching defunct addressing artefact

Vaccine hopes rise as Oxford jab prompts immune response among old as well as young adults

13 Common Security Mistakes That Make Your PC Vulnerable | Tom's Hardware

The content of the message is an excerpt from an earlier conversation between the supposed sender and another contact or the victims themselves. Attached to the message is a file (usually in Word form) that contains a disguised malicious code

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The police’s cybercrime unit has warned the public to be careful of opening emails that may be spreading malware.

More specifically, victims receive a message from an unknown email address, in which the displayed sender’s name appears to their contact list.

- World wars, cold wars, cyberwars — marking a century of state surveillance at GCHQ. The code-breakers who led the rise of computing

- This week, we examine the possible implications of the US government’s complaint against Google, and how it could impact consumer technology. - How the Google Antitrust Case Trickles Down Onto Your Phone | WIRED

- Two lawmakers, a Democrat and a Republican, have introduced a bill that would limit the President’s authority to shut down the internet - New Bill Strips Presidential Authority to Shut Down Internet

We found that state and local law enforcement agencies have performed hundreds of thousands of cellphone extractions since 2015, often without a warrant

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- This report documents the widespread adoption of MDFTs by law enforcement in the United States. Based on 110 public records requests to state and local law enforcement agencies across the country - Mass Extraction - Upturn

Seven mobile browsers vulnerable to address bar spoofing attacks | ZDNet

Google removes two Chrome ad blockers caught collecting user data | ZDNet

Nicola Sturgeon on course to provoke ‘full-blown constitutional crisis’ over Scottish independence, leaked memo admits

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