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closest i've got to finding something near the origin of difference in or anywhere else really. I mean you can't really find the origin of difference, probably---But this is near it. §32 of the phenomenology. what IMHO is special here is that hegel himself is surprised... Shocked that difference could emerge AT ALL. As if being itself prefers the 'closed circle', and difference emerges with a kind of defiance...

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Ok yes I know—-the normie Hegel answer is understanding destroys/separates & ‘speculative reason’ puts it back together. They’re not equal tho bc the whole was ALREADY together, so yawn yawn imho abt the speculative’s work. The understanding radically & defiantly introduces the negative & difference; speculative reason just efficiently manages it after the negative is intruduced.&btw all left theory after Hegel seems to show you CANT put it back together. Even the ego is destabilized

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News, us pol, Venezuela, honest question 

If the US military went into Venezuela, what would the goal be? Literally regime change & secure oil, or what???

damn, it's crazy how popular these posers get just for being positive and valuable members of this community

refusing to drink coca-cola until they reveal their recipe and stop violating my four essential freedoms

I guarantee Jeff bezos could walk up to the White House, drop a few billion on the table and just move in and take power and everyone would just step aside and let him

I salt the heads of shitty men to ensure nothing will grow anymore

me and my husband Geoff are queering heterosexuality by rebranding our marriage as a "bicule"

Early 90s Japanese engines are insanely faithful and amazing. I love them like people. For reasons beyond my comprehension & control this thing always starts mid-winter. All I do is put some Seafoam in the tank & put a tarp on it at the first snow fall, nothing else. Used small amount of starter fluid & some choke. Also the battery is fine tho it’s old & not on a tender.
Thx furfur 🙏

labor politics 

Pelosi getting credit for ending the shutdown when it was the realistic threat of strikes and sick-outs by airport workers and flight attendants that actually did it happens because we understand politics in the US as drama between TV personalities we have nothing to do with rather than a struggle for power between people and the ruling class. if you think of it that way, it's easy to erase the sacrifices and risks taken by workers bravely carrying out stoppages

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