closest i've got to finding something near the origin of difference in or anywhere else really. I mean you can't really find the origin of difference, probably---But this is near it. §32 of the phenomenology. what IMHO is special here is that hegel himself is surprised... Shocked that difference could emerge AT ALL. As if being itself prefers the 'closed circle', and difference emerges with a kind of defiance...

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Ok yes I know—-the normie Hegel answer is understanding destroys/separates & ‘speculative reason’ puts it back together. They’re not equal tho bc the whole was ALREADY together, so yawn yawn imho abt the speculative’s work. The understanding radically & defiantly introduces the negative & difference; speculative reason just efficiently manages it after the negative is intruduced.&btw all left theory after Hegel seems to show you CANT put it back together. Even the ego is destabilized

** No you CAN’T manage the negative, it’s too powerful; speculative reason is a fail. **

Well what then?

Maybe skepticism about speculative reason’s talent CAN fit within the margins of spec reason’s results?? ...maybe even Nietzsche can fit in there???

^Ya you can fit Nietzsche in there.^

...But that’s just more banal faith in Hegel’s/the dialectic’s ability to really consume EVERYthing, right? I mean maybe it can’t

*defiance* defiance.
A special defiance
Like ontologically defiant. I know it when I see it

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