Early 90s Japanese engines are insanely faithful and amazing. I love them like people. For reasons beyond my comprehension & control this thing always starts mid-winter. All I do is put some Seafoam in the tank & put a tarp on it at the first snow fall, nothing else. Used small amount of starter fluid & some choke. Also the battery is fine tho it’s old & not on a tender.
Thx furfur 🙏

Much braver with Doom3bfg/ps3 now. I forgot, it’s not a military operation like in the first Killzone where stealth & a good approach matters. Just fkg rush in and circle strafe everything. Still scary, but ya 👍

I was able to play doom for about 15 minutes before I had to save & quit; what a loser wtf this game scares tf out of me

“im not a life coach but”
if you don’t have a crew emblem then ur a fkg loser like get w some people ffs

Looped down about it (studio ver) on the way to work & found the right head space I guess 🐁

Sure they’re not leftists and they always put a gun by the tv we are watching *just in case* & bc it looks cool...but they hate authority & they aren’t mf moderates. Chilling w a moderate is the worst. Abandon moderates immediately. They’re fkg worthless

Watching Maniac for 2nd time & Emma Stone is so good at the beginning ☺️☺️

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