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damn, it's crazy how popular these posers get just for being positive and valuable members of this community

To commemorate today's closing of the Wii Shop Channel after 12 years of operation, here is the only time the channel was referenced inside a Mario game: in Super Paper Mario, the Wii Shop Channel loading icon briefly appears in Fracktail's eye during a cutscene.

refusing to drink coca-cola until they reveal their recipe and stop violating my four essential freedoms

I guarantee Jeff bezos could walk up to the White House, drop a few billion on the table and just move in and take power and everyone would just step aside and let him

I salt the heads of shitty men to ensure nothing will grow anymore

me and my husband Geoff are queering heterosexuality by rebranding our marriage as a "bicule"

lmao, this was instantaneous after @'ing a "fuck you" to ICE

you know what's up, it's me, gormfled, tooting from heaven

@remotenemesis old GD pre-dookie is super silly & trite but fine imho.
I mean—-it’s terrible but I like it

I need the internet's help!

I am 60-70% convinced I saw a movie, either as a kid or in my early teens, that could be described as a live action version as beyblade. This was in the height of that anime's popularity, so the bumpers on the tv station I was watching it on was really trying to sell that perspective.

I can't remember anything else except the inclusion of using porcilen tops as major toys, and I NEED to know if I dreamed it all or not.

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