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Early 90s Japanese engines are insanely faithful and amazing. I love them like people. For reasons beyond my comprehension & control this thing always starts mid-winter. All I do is put some Seafoam in the tank & put a tarp on it at the first snow fall, nothing else. Used small amount of starter fluid & some choke. Also the battery is fine tho it’s old & not on a tender.
Thx furfur 🙏

hmmm. i usually listen to "The Death Grips"? Vote for me to

labor politics 

You know the funny thing about wanting social change is you probably won't do it right and thats why we have to talk to each other

i may have a low sperm count, but i have the brain of an Eagle

crude insult that made me laugh 

Valid to want to be stepped on by the Wii fit trainer

very good, not dumb toot 

If you think workers are incapable of keeping things going without executives to manage them fvcking block me now

I don’t dare shitpost here you’re all at god level fr

Just a friendly reminder that the first formal American police force was a runaway "Slave Patrol," formed in the Carolina colonies in 1704.

Good morning.

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