Please help reducing waste during #36c3 and consider the following items for a more sustainable packing list, citing from the excellent list at [1]:

- reusable coffee mug
- camping cutlery or spork: the food stalls give out single-use plastic cutlery
- reusable bottle to stay hydrated (German tap water is drinking water unless specified otherwise)
- for angel work: last year's lanyard with portrait-format card holder, to reduce waste


Huge 'Unteilbar' (undividable) demo in Leipzig today. Thousands of people from all the groups: vegans, animal liberators, feminists, anarchists, greens, extinction rebellion, hambi bleibt, fridays for future, art collectives, communists, humanists... a river of colorful, happy people.

The last funding goal of @Framasoft 's project for an ActivityPub-enabled event coordination software is nearly reached!

It needs less than 200€ a day in the 16 days to go until the end of the campaign to be fully funded.

Worried about the sustainability of the solution? Framasoft already funded (and developed) #PeerTube, which was released in v1.0 in October 2018. The last release was one week ago, and they're still working on it.

Found this awesome video essay explaining #permaculture. Reminds me of kaptainkristian's videos

we would like a copy of this journal... Journal of Political Philosophy Volume 24, Issue 2 do you have access to it?

asking for money 

So there's, which features references (z.B. or directories of hackerspaces (z.B.

One volunteer has been putting in a continueing steady effort to improve the content by contacting hackerspaces to update their entries.

She wants to go to #camp2019 and has a voucher but lacks a funds. Please help her out a bit: 😘

#hackerspaces #volunteer #JustABitMore

(I am one fo the wiki admins)

Wir suchen Verstärkung für FragDenStaat! \o/
Ein*e Projektmanager*in ab August im Bereich Community & Fundraising - und dazu viel Raum für eigene Ideen. Schreibt uns! Und pls RT!

Is your #Fediverse-instance (server) running with a #RenewableEnergy contract?
Do you produce the #energy for your server by yourself?
If yes, feel free to sign our open-list:

At the moment we count 13 green instances in the fediverse!
That's great for a start!

Let's build the first green decentralized network on this planet and let's share the conciousness about a green digital infrastructure!


An experiment. I haven't submitted any proposals this year for conference talks about inclusion because - usually preaching the choir. I've tried a few things, to get the attention of people we most need to activate for inclusion. Trying:



This Saturday is hosting a career coaching event for marginalized people in Tech. Open between 10-16:00 at office, 🎟️

If your company would like to sponsor this event and send people sponsor spots are also still open 🖤


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