@davecormier read your post. If it helps, you might be interested in these posts from last spring re: change mgt in ed from my HLC conf talk.

@econproph on second thought... you sound like you've gone and done research and stuff... smacks of effort. I just made stuff up on my blog :)

@davecormier yeah, I guess. Before becoming full-time academic 15 yrs ago I was strategic planner/consultant for lots of big firms for ~25 yrs. both MBA & Econ degrees., so yeah. Unfortunately consulting didn't allow for much publishing - "confidential research".

@econproph right. that makes sense. thanks for contributing what you are now. There's a real dearth of it... and it's desperately needed.

@davecormier One of things I really like in your post is idea of being really clear about the semantics. Cannot tell you how many folks lose their way. Truth is it matters little exactly what you consider goal vs objective, etc. as long as all on team really understand it same way. I've always emphasized using plainest language possible

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