I am thinking about the downhill slide of the public narrative surrounding higher education. Has it been our success at producing grads that can name and confront bigotry that has made higher ed now ground zero for the attacks against liberal ideas and multiculturalism? Or have we failed miserably to bring to our communities the true value of these ideas? Value that translates to a better quality of life for people?

@karencang it's complicated. My institution is home to the political scientists and economists that helped build policy for our previous republican-inspired prime minister. And also home to some of his more vocal critics. Home to tar sands extraction and renewable energy innovation. Higher ed is both status quo and progressive.

@dnorman @karencang I agree it's complicated. In US, I think the narrative has always been more about elitism/populism than liberal/non-lib. Historically the land-grant Uni's & CC's helped to dampen the anti-elitism (State U is "our" uni!), but as funding shifted to tuition & debt & away fr public purse in last 3-4 decades, even those uni's/CC's came to be seen as elitist because not really available.

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Yes, it’s true @econproph . So how do we shift away from this place of elitism or inaccessibility? Obviously higher ed needs to be way less expensive. But we’ve gotten into a terrible cycle of ‘higher ed reputation as an expensive waste of time --> lower public funding--> higher tuition -->expensive waste of time reputation…’ How do we break this cycle? Does Open Ed offer some answers via influencing public opinion?


@karencang @dnorman @clhendricksbc @fgraver @ShorterPearson @katebowles @Dan_Blick This is a HARD question but a very important question - perhaps one of the most important in these times.
I have no answer now. But I will think on it and trust the little grey cells to listen to my friends and do the magic.

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