Figured a month later would be a good time to head to the AT&T store to get my iPhone upgrade. Certainly stock has been replenished by now...


Thanks to everyone who came out to see my talk on logging last night. If you missed it, slides are up (, and more importantly so is the code demo ( Learn to love logging, folks!

I think I’m going to play games made by the #fediverse forextra life.

If your a game creator please send me links to your games :win3_minesweeper: :win3_solitare:

Also please consider donating to help save children’s lives:

Developing a game is a lot more fun than spending time trying to promote it.

'Grimvalor', 'Dizzy Knight', 'Badland Brawl', 'ELOH', 'Galerider', 'Skyward Journey', 'Tap Empire', 'Piffle', 'Super Cat Tales 2', 'True Surf' and many more feature in our roundup of all the best new games of the past week (and a half):

‪Great thing about being an indie mobile dev: someone complained that the game lacked a particular control scheme. Coded it in the morning, tested it and submitted a new version by afternoon. Couldn’t do that at my day job.‬

Why oh why do so many people go to a Marvel movie and leave when the credits start rolling?

Don’t they know by now?!?

‪Venom: alright... nothing special... great soundtrack, though‬

‪Lesson learned: no matter how much you believe you have come up with a better way, users, who are used to the old way, will resist, at best, and revolt (not use / criticize your implementation) at worst, and they don’t need you, you need them, so they get their way.‬

‪Interesting, the majority of the game downloads are from China. I wonder if that’s the norm?‬

The question is... will the game make more than the cost of the bottle of champagne I just drank to celebrate its release?

After an extended absence from the App Store, I just released a retro... no... that’s what people call PS1 now... classic... no... that’s what people call SNES...


VINTAGE 80s style, 8-bit, single screen platform game:

Loot Raider

Always wanted to be in advertising. Now it’s time to see if I’ve got the promotional chops.

‪Finally got fed up with MacOS always complaining about low HD space (3GB) and always having to find things to delete to free up the ridiculous space needed for each Xcode upgrade. (~14GB) Deleted everything Xcode related and freed up ~60GB. C’mon, Xcode team, you KNOW most of that was old, obsolete stuff that you should have deleted in subsequent upgrades. You waste space with ZERO concern.

‪“Real artists ship”‬

‪I can either keep tweaking this game and making little improvements... or ship.‬

‪Time to ship.‬

"but if I don't document the code, I can never be cut out of the development loop!" said the fool, as a bus rammed into them at top speed and caused a massive crisis for possibly several hundred thousand people or more


‪So you want to make a data object to pass as the body of an http request.‬

‪Cool, you can init a Data object with a Sequence.‬

‪NSDictionary is a sequence‬
‪NSArray is a sequence‬
‪Dictionary (Swift native) is a sequence‬

‪But... Array (Swift native) isn’t.‬


‪That sense of relief and peace when you tap “Submit for Review” on a new app in iTunes Connect... followed quickly by the realization of everything you still need to do in preparation for the app to go live.‬

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