‪Anybody have a recommendation on a book for learning Kotlin Android development, for the experienced Java Android dev?‬

‪I’m leaning towards the Big Nerd Ranch book, given their reputation in the MacOS / iOS world.‬

‪Hearing more companies are looking for full-stack mobile devs‬

‪If you expect your mobile dev to design your database and write your web services, you’re an idiot

‪I can do it, and when you test with 1, 10, 100 users, it’ll work‬

‪Deploy to 10,000 users?‬


Most (good) developers are not jacks of all trades

Have each part of your system built by someone who specializes in that discipline

Otherwise, you get what you deserve

‪Last work day of the year. 3 weeks off.‬

‪Priorities for the break:‬

‪Finish my mobile app frameworks for iOS and Android‬

‪Read a book on Kotlin‬

‪Decide whether to scrap work on the Android version of Loot Raider and start over in Kotlin‬

‪Follow through on that decision‬

Today’s (and most off day’s) choices:

A) Do some indie dev

B) Do some dev for my employer (to get ahead on a new, important project)

C) Listen to some podcasts to try to improve in my language of choice (Swift)

D) Start learning a “new” language I’m interested in (Kotlin)

E) Do some dev work for my side job that I actually get paid for

Yes, Rudolph is on.

Yes, it’s still November.

Yes, I’m watching it.

Yes, I’ll watch it every other time it comes on over the next month.

And yes, after Christmas I’ll watch Rudolph’s Shiny New Year when it comes on.

Does ANYBODY actually like “Frosty Returns”?!?

Are they forced to air it in order to get the rights to air “Frosty the Snowman”???

And it begins.
All starting at the same time tonight:

Santa Claus is comin’ to Town: ABC
How the Grinch Stole Christmas: NBC
Frosty the Snowman: CBS

Just watched Santa close out the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and kick off the OFFICIAL start of the Christmas season. You may now proceed to holiday cheer and Christmas song to your heart’s content without rolled eyes and blistering criticism.

This may be a record...

Kicking off cooking at 6:00!

First up, potato salad.

I know a lot of you hate it, but you’ve never had mine.

‪The Whole Foods meat counter is busy and on organized, but they’re getting people through with the quickness.‬

‪27 lb free range turkey in hand.‬

‪Now for the grocery store.‬

‪Played with fire, again, stupidly, and got singed.‬

‪Pulling grass/weeds from the rocks w/out gloves, felt a sharp sting.‬

‪Looked down, scorpion scurried away.‬

‪Thankfully he only fired a warning shot. Left me with just a tiny puncture that only hurt a little.‬

Can’t believe I’m saying this...

That feeling you get when the final test case passes. 🍾👑🕺🏽

I think I’ve lost track of how many children’s show theme songs I can sin... I know the words to.

‪I’m sitting at home, on a holiday, programming.‬

‪Which is exactly what I want to be doing, because it’s what I love to do.‬

‪And I get paid to do it.‬

‪What more could I ask for?‬

‪R.I.P. Stan.‬
‪I will never forget what you meant to my childhood... and my adulthood.‬
Sad that he didn’t get to see the culmination of ten years of building something special.

‪Just noticed that iOS’ Calendar actually lists Black Friday as a holiday. Seriously?‬

Just used Xcode’s multi-cursor editing for the first time.

Yeah, that’s nice.

‪Just starting to try out “Dark Mode” on the Mac. This... is going to take some getting used to. Not sure I’ll stick it out.‬

‪So now I have this strong desire to learn Kotlin, but it isn’t approved for use at work...‬

‪But not having permission to use something has never stopped me before...‬

‪Decisions... Decisions...‬

Y’all can keep that pumpkin pie some of you think is so good. (Sweet potato pie all day.)

But roasted pumpkin seeds?

That’s the stuff.

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