I am active on Mastodon, just not really on this account. If you're coming from Bird Site and looking for me: follow me on this account, and I'll come and find you! xox

@Cabble You don't want to know what happened; it was a long and drawn out bit of drama played out over several days and basically everyone came out stinking of shit, one way or another. Particularly Wesley, along with Eug_n, mods of dot-social and mods of dot-cloud. Grim business, but, y'know.. The kind of formative stuff that needs to happen early on in a community, I guess.

@ikyle *insert gif zooming in on the word 'fundamentally'*

@ikyle "Mastodon is wrong; I can do it better"
"If you don't like Mastodon, then fork it"
"I don't need to fork it, I'll just make a new client"
"If you don't need to fork it, then don't badmouth the project?"
"I wasn't bad mouthing the project"
"You were literally badmouthing the project by name"

@ikyle also, I mean; you literally blamed "Mastodon", so backtracking and redirecting the blame onto a straw-man "mastodon client" to try and make me look stupid when I call you out is - frankly - bullshit.

@vandereer If you offer people that [false || true ] choice at the very top level, then it imbues and poisons everything else in their lives. They always think that "just having an opinion" is enough to make things happen. It isn't.

@ikyle cool idea; why not fork Mastodon and make it happen?

@johnmars Dear Vince....

Remember "Stardust"?


The American Nightmare


@latke Why's Poignant Guide is a somewhat unusual take on programming manuals, but definitely worth a look poignant.guide/

@dirtyjose I don't even know which account I am posting from any more, TBH. I'm just hoping it's all going to work out in the end.


@Zedkat fyi in settings for your old account you can set it to forward to your new one. (Also export/import various stuff)

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