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i feel like its obvious that im not an rper but !!! feel free to block or DM me if my posts make u uncomfortable at all !!!!!

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Horses arent real sign my petition to make Congress acknowledge that horses are fake

Oh fuck yeah this exists hi again i havent been on in a while

i havent been on in 3 days my notifs are filled with new follows and dms saying ppl moved accounts

tum8lr keeps apologizing to me for no reason and every single time i nut with the force of a firehose

God the demo version of wolf always makes me lose my shit

davepetas making me listen to their fave french music as payback for the kpop

I absolutely love the color scheme of this one! I'm not sure if the thing under their chin is a beard or a collar, but either way they truly rock it!! they look very majestic, as a Pegasus should!

look at this gorgeous baby! they give me a regal vibe! I love their ears, and their pattern!

another from the love pattern series! this one is really good because I personally LOVE lions!! I really like how the end of their tail ends in a heart too!

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