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enjoy reading this toot? boost, fav, follow. new toot coming next week.

had a good toot about funny things that end in end "ork" then remembered this was already the premise of a bad robot chicken skit and it completely ruined the whole thing for me

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idea for shape: four and a half sides. halfway between square and pentagon. geometrigans contact me


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"I need at least 70 more kilobytes of puns" <- problems a sane person should not be having at 3 am

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the last communities aren't showing things

AL-gorithms: Data Processing with Home Improvements™️ Richard Karn

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fuck podcats!!! i just want to listen to a good ol pod dog

is warrior-poet a real thing or did morrowind just make that up? (my phone doesn't have google)

me: the new Lost in Space is boring and makes no sense

also me: Earth 2 should never have been cancelled and I will fight you

*the sound of ocean waves on the beach*