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Eddie Incredible @eddieincredible@mastodon.social

Training a neural net on trivia questions and am already enjoying the early results mastodon.social/media/jlV-16-K

github.com/Pinswell/redbone-ma I wrote this thing which lets you toot from the command line. I am unsatisfied with it and I want to keep making improvements on it. Hopefully someone finds it amusing/educational?

Yeah, I'm TOOTing: Show more

they should call it the internet of dings cos it's turning us all into dinguses

Yeah, I'm TOOTing: Show more

if you have Amazon prime please subscribe to Ginny McQueen on twitch. It doesn't cost you anything AND makes twitch give her money at some point twitch.tv/ginnymcqueen

I tried my hand at moving away from flat colors, not yet very confident at this. But at least I got to draw a cute OC I've been sketching a lot lately.

Finally thought of a name for my bluegrass/synthwave fusion band

This has been Mastodon. It’s not over yet. How do you like it so far?

New from the Super Fighter Team:

"We recently released Commander Keen in Keen Dreams as a free download! Yeah!! It's fun and free, and it doesn't contain any garbage: no ads, no in-app purchases, no nonsense... just fun and entertaining gameplay."


I haven't played it yet, but everything else I've played from the Superfighter team has been top notch.