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Eddie Incredible @eddieincredible@mastodon.social

Tootdon glitched out and started displaying the same image for a bunch of unrelated posts and it took me a second to realize this wasn’t some new meme I didn’t get


this is one of the best things I've ever seen

my sides literally hurt

people wonder if bots can communicate as well as humans, I'd say this toot is proof BUGS have officially beaten us at memes

The Tumblr Android app used to do this constantly. I uninstalled it; for all I know it still does.

@eddieincredible ha ha Epic! that picture is so nice. it goes well with everything! it IS a new meme! ❤️💥🤜🤛

@eddieincredible me waiting for some of my birdsite friends to join masto

@eddieincredible @Maenad i remember when ymail did this and displayed all my girlfriend's attachments as ikea furniture images