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Erik DeBill

Finished swabbing my bottled ink (have hardly started on the samples 😭).

You can see the difference in light quality from a 10 year old Ott-Lite (on right) and a Hue (RGB LED) bulb on the left

I’d pay dearly to have the power and control of the Hue with the color reproduction of the Ott-Lite.

Smudge has a bit of the resting cat face.

Also, this goofball seems to be afraid we will run off and abandon him again.

Today was a really great day for back yard birds

This is Fox. He just realized my lap has a sunbeam.

View from my run this morning

I could blame it on the weather, but Fox is always prone to claiming into my lap and forcing me to fend him off if I want to use it for anything else.

New Pen Day: a Wing Sung 618, which might have gotten by as “inspired by the Parker 51” if they didn’t blatantly copied the Parker clip.

Inaugurating this account with a cat pic, as required by @scalzi