Also: The Big Sick: possibly the best drama involving stand up comedians ever?

Snow for the second time this year in Austin. Just making it under the wire.

@texpat the one place where I’m sure agile is a bad idea is designing public APIs. You can’t get your api consumers to change in a reasonable amount of time. If you control both ends (micro services/SOA) that’s not an issue.

@texpat You’re right that agile methods are usually really bad about accumulating any sort of design artifacts. Every decision is made in the moment and it can be hard to go back and puzzle things out - I don’t think I’ve seen that done well. About the best I’ve seen is a big test suite that has a test case with a good description for every weird corner case that turned up. Growing and adapting a database schema seems scary, but I haven’t had too much trouble in practice.

@texpat Done well it is super great. Done poorly it sucks. It is easy to do it poorly. OTOH none of the other methodologies I’ve tried has managed to do better than acceptable, so 🤷‍♂️

Why is my brain feeling all fuzzy? Oh yeah! It’s 4 PM, I ran 5 miles a couple hours ago, and I haven’t eaten anything since breakfast. Charles Stross talking about how corporations can be viewed as AIs that have run amok and how they use deep learning to manipulate their environment.

Finished swabbing my bottled ink (have hardly started on the samples 😭).

You can see the difference in light quality from a 10 year old Ott-Lite (on right) and a Hue (RGB LED) bulb on the left

I’d pay dearly to have the power and control of the Hue with the color reproduction of the Ott-Lite.

Also, this goofball seems to be afraid we will run off and abandon him again.

It is 47 and drizzly. Unlikely to warm up much. I’ve got to get back on the exercise horse, but I can let it wait until a little later in the day.

Enjoying the peaceful time before everyone gets up and we have to start driving to and from relatives, in-laws, and exes.

For or those that celebrate : Happy Christmas!
For those that do not: Happy Monday!
For those who are the on-call SysAdmin dealing with an outage: Thanks. I've been there and no-one EVER says that.

In-laws yelling I WONT EXPLAIN YIFFING TO MY FATHER! On Christmas Eve.

TFW you go out for dinner and the mariachis appear

It being 70 degrees outside when I get up on December 22 is just bullshit. It will, however, make for a more comfy run than seasonally appropriate temperatures would have.

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