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Tried to watch Can’t Stop The Music for film club, but didn’t make it far. Watched The Force Awakens.

This is Fox. He just realized my lap has a sunbeam.

I cannot wait to share this with my listeners. is really fun to talk to, and I think y'all are gonna enjoy it.

In several different comics, Batman has explained that the reason some of his costumes have that big yellow oval around the bat symbol is to deliberately serve as a target. It's easier to armor his chest than his head, and so he uses the bright color in the dark to draw fire.

Extrapolating that notion...

Robin's bright red/green/yellow outfit, and the fact that Bruce Wayne is still Batman but has gone through five Robins, suddenly makes a lot more sense. 😜

Val and I finally finished Stranger Things 2. So good.

I could blame it on the weather, but Fox is always prone to claiming into my lap and forcing me to fend him off if I want to use it for anything else.

We were not expecting the drop to near freezing last night. We’ll see if the plants made it once it warms up a bit.

New Pen Day: a Wing Sung 618, which might have gotten by as “inspired by the Parker 51” if they didn’t blatantly copied the Parker clip.

Today began with the dulcet tones of a UPS alarm. Power wasn't out, I just think the hardware is starting to die :(

Inaugurating this account with a cat pic, as required by @scalzi


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