1 day ago:pava1::pava2: :pava3::pava4:HACKER TEENBecause everyone at the Birdsite seemed to like this feature now, I made some code and ... released tootchains! 1 day ago:pava1::pava2: :pava3::pava4:HACKER TEENNow anyone can just post multiple posts at once! 1 day ago:pava1::pava2: :pava3::pava4:HACKER TEENJust kidding. Though, I can effectively have any object I want.Read more

High school: I can’t believe it’s sixth period already
College: I can’t believe it’s Friday already
20s: I can’t believe it’s the end of the month already
30s: I can’t believe it’s December already
Soon: I can’t believe it’s a new decade already

289,858,919,123 TAIL CALLS

@jamey Proverif is super easy to learn and I'm having a lot of fun already, and I might look into Cryptoverif and Tamarin later for fun

the point is, I'm a dumbass, help me find tools that'll tell me in which exact ways I'm being a dumbass in protocol design, kthx

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wait fuck TLA+ isn't the tool I was thinking of, *handwave* process calculus or something, urgh

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I know of tools like TLA+ for modelling protocol interactions between agents, and all I'm adding here is a notion of (derived) knowledge, and I strongly doubt I'm the first to want this.

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dear formal methods folk, is there a convenient tool for modelling agent-knowledge in (cryptographic) protocols that I should know of?
I've been playing around in Prolog a little (see image), but I'm sort of drawing a blank on how I'd properly model this. mastodon.social/media/5xooGPOV

hey lazyweb, I'm looking for recommendations on free/libre UI mockup software
preferably stuff that looks more sketch-like, I'm not trying to depict the polished final product, because that tends to inhibit critique

what makes this all even funnier is that I'm starting to see a lot of the value of XML's extensibility mechanisms
sure, the attr/tag distinction is iffy, but namespaces and DTDs were an incredibly good move

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current status: being way too entertained about how we're reinventing failed big dreams of the past with JSON instead of XML

@meena@witches.town also they'll be using the exact same underlying tooling, we won't have two different formatting tools, we won't even have different formatting configs

@meena@witches.town that's Extremely Cool but I don't need to use an editor I don't want to for Go
it works very well ootb in basically arbitrary editors, even whatever dumb shit my coworkers use

@meena@witches.town honestly I don't really want to write JS ever again, I'm really really over dynamic typing for the most part
give me a type system, any type system, even goddamn Go's type system

@meena@witches.town I might give Reason a shot but I enjoy OCaml a lot as a language?

@meena@witches.town your wording is maximally ambiguous
are you claiming everything always Just Works in Emacs or what

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