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Hello lovely new followers!

🏳️‍⚧️ Trans rights are human rights
🏭 Join a Trade Union
💉 Vaccines work
🐧 Linux rocks

If any of the above bothers you, probably best to unfollow me.

Had *brilliant* idea for something.
Got 15 minutes into working on it before discovering someone else had the same idea a few years ago.
"Aha!" I thought, "But I bet no one has done it *this* way…"
Yeah, they had.
Oh well, nice to have my daft ideas validated by the others.

Evening gang!
I've got 4 spare Lifx Colour 1000 WiFi light bulbs for sale.
All work fine & have updated firmware. Reason for sale is that I don't have screw fittings any more 😁
£55ono for the lot.
Pick up only (Central London or Elizabeth Line.

Was thinking of resurrecting my old original Xbox to play some classic games.
Wondered how I could connect its RGB cables to my modern amp.
A very clever chap posted some useful advice on a forum way back in 2006.
That chap's name…? Me 😂

Today and every day!

(I didn't create this, and I can't find the originator.)

Currently obsessed by the thought that "You only Live Once" is a rallying cry for both the extreme risk-takers and the chronically cautious....

How would you rate your experience with Net Promoter Score™ today?


Electric bus recharging! Just a little bit more power than a standard CCS socket 😁

Asked to draw:
"[Singer 1] singing a duet with [Singer 2]"

Can you name the singers?

Argh! Acronym soup!

5 points to whoever can correctly decipher what this job title actually means.

And a bonus point to anyone who can work out which government department it is for.

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