Arranged marriages between family houses to create new cryptographically secure mother’s maiden names for a descendent household

I need your help with hacking my teeth.

Which cool biohacking startup is working on dental implants?

I need to get two of my gnashers replaced (long story). I don't want gold, or titanium, or silver. I want BLE, NFC, LED, or *something* different!

Go on, connect me to Dr Teeth & The Electric Mayhem 😁

Major sites running unauthenticated JavaScript on their payment pages

Which music podcasts should I be listening to?

I don't mind what sort of music, but the emphasis is on interesting sounds, not people discussing things.

Go go magic Internet friends!

I've broken myself - dealing with RSI

I've recently been suffering from a nasty bout of RSI. Thanks to the NHS, I know it isn't full Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, which is good. But I do need to take better care of myself. My usual kit is the MS 4000 ergonomic keyboard and an Evoluent Vertical Mouse. But recently I've been travelling a…[...]

Redirect GitHub ID to Username

Scratching my own itch here... GitHub users have a username (mine is @Edent) and have a user ID number (mine is #837136). If you want to redirect a user ID to a username, you can use the little service I've cobbled together: That will take your browser to my GitHub page, using nothing but…[...]

Diverse or Representative?

Some casual thoughts about language. I recently received an invitation to a tech talk where all the speakers were blokes. As is normal for these sorts of things, I dropped the organisers an email saying I wouldn't be attending because of the lack of diversity. I received a very polite email back protesting that the…[...]

Responsible Disclosure: CloudFlare - more interested in tracking than security

Stand Up Comedy - Dealing With The Fear

I could hear the act before me getting uproarious laughs. I was stuck on the toilet panicking my guts out. Why was this happening? My job involves lots of public speaking - to strangers, colleagues, senior leaders, peers, and random people on the Internet. To small BarCamps and to thousands of people in a conference…[...]

The unreasonable psychological effectiveness of the LISA

Pop quiz! Which is bigger - 25% or 20%? That's a pretty simple question, isn't it? If your boss asked if you wanted a 25% bonus, or a 20% bonus, you know which one you'd pick. The UK Government has a savings product called a LISA - Lifetime Individual Savings Account. The premise is pretty…[...]

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