What's the most accessible way of marking up a star rating?
For example, my current HTML5 code is just:
<span class="rating">★★★⯪☆</span>
That's 3 full stars, 1 half star, 1 empty star.
I want a screen reader to say "three and a half stars out of five".

In HTML5, can you load a base64 encoded font from within a style attribute?

Eg <span style="@font-face{src:url(data:application/font-woff2;charset=utf-8;base64,......

I *know* this is a stupid idea. But I'd like to know if it is possible.

The @openuk_uk awards close tomorrow night.
You should *absolutely* nominate yourself.

You ever want to buy a gadget just because of its *evil* USB cable?

Dear 2FA provider,
I wrote you, but you still ain't callin'…

(Wonder if there's a way to get @signalapp to stop suggesting autoreplies to non-reply texts?)

What's the semantic way to say in HTML "this work was cited in that academic paper"?

I know how I cite something in SchemaOrg (see screenshot) - but I want to do the reverse. Like a pingback or webmention.

Is this possible / sensible / useful?

Spent the day tidying my home office.
This is how it looks now.
Significantly better. Still a *little* more to do…

Yes. This is how we measure file size on the computers.

One of the problems with online grocery shopping is that I see something like. "Carrot & Cumin waffles" & think "that's *exactly* the kind of vegan hipster stuff that I'd love to eat."
Then, when it arrives, I can't help but wonder what this will do to my algorithmic suggestions.

Hey gang,
We've now published the *full* git commit history for the NHSX Isle of Wight beta apps.
🤖 github.com/nhsx/COVID-19-app-A
🍏 github.com/nhsx/COVID-19-app-i
Took a bit longer than expected, but glad we got there. Much more to come, I hope.

🎶 Drink cider from A LEMON LEMON LEMON LEMON! 🎶

It has been a looong week. TFI Friday!

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