(Mostly) Vegan

I've been a vegetarian for 21 years. And, last year, I became (mostly) vegan. Because my bum kept falling off.

I'd been getting frequent stomach cramps and "gastrointestinal distress" which culminated in a nice man from the NHS shoving a camera up me to see if my guts were rotten. They were not (aside from a couple of small polyps).

After various food diaries and testing exclusion diets, my wo



Book Review: How To Invent Everything

This is an entertaining, useful, and thoroughly tedious book. Imagine your time machine went wrong and you were stranded in the past. How could you "invent" the technology needed to improve the world,

At its heart is a potted history of every piece of technology required for modern civilisation. Short and entertaining chapters which discuss everything fro



Book Review: The Queen’s Gambit – Walter Tevis

The novelisation of the TV series! OK, OK, the book was written nearly 40 years before the Netflix miniseries. But it is uncanny how close the two are.

Most adaptation are really "creative reimaginings" of the source material. Taking liberties with the source material, introducing new, relatable characters, and monkeying around with th



Re: Your Privacy 

We care about your privacy.

Your privacy is delicious to us.

Your privacy is juicy-sweet and crunchy and wine-dark red and breathes a rich, savage musk-like scent, heavy on iron and with notes of truffle and mushroom and old, buried bones in the forest floor.

Your privacy dribbles gently down our lips as we chew, and after long, fragrant, eternities, swallow. Gulping, wolfing it down.

We would do ANYTHING to keep you handing us your precious, precious privacy.

Please click.

How do I know you?

I don't have a great memory. I often meet people who remember me, but I don't remember them. I've had whole conversations with people who clearly know me, but on whom I've drawn a blank.

My phone's address book has a "notes" field, and mine is peppered with little aide memoirs about the people I've met. Things like this:

And, I guess we've all got a contact



It’s cheaper because we pass the risk on to you!

Texas is under a mountain of snow. As the energy grid struggles, the law of supply-and-demand kicks in.

Electricity prices climb ever higher. The wholesale cost rises. And doesn't stop rising.

Some people signed up to "Griddy" a service which charges users the wholesale rate for electricity. In normal times, that might be a good deal. Cut out



(Mostly) Vegan

I've been a vegetarian for 21 years. And, last year, I became (mostly) vegan. Because my bum kept falling off.

I'd been getting frequent stomach cramps and "gastrointestinal distress" which culminated in a nice man from the NHS shoving a camera up me to see if my guts were rotten. They were not (aside from a couple of small polyps).

After various food diaries and testing exclusion diets, my wo



Stop this digital ownership madness. NFTs are bullshit. And the stupid makes me angry.

(A hastily written and grumpy post.)

Another day, another Blockchain Bullshit project.


Someone "claimed" one of my Tweets and added it to the Blockchain. I'm not particularly happy a



Book Review: The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle

This is either the greatest time-travel novel ever - or a load of monkeyshine. And I'm not sure which!

What if Quantum Leap was an Agatha Christie novel? That's the basic plot - but, in this, Sam is only leaping between characters in the same story.

The whodunnit plot is brilliantly worked out - and has the requisit



Building a car which cannot speed

As part of my MSc, I'm reading a lot of "Leadership" books. They're all pretty bad - but they have one common thesis; it is essential to improve your company culture.

I'm not sure if I agree. I feel completely divorced from most forms of company culture. I find the way that these books talk about changing people is pretty creepy and disingenuous. T



Movie Review: Royal Hunt of The Sun (1969)

So, farewell Christopher Plummer. This might be one of the most bizarre role he's ever played, in this charming - but flawed - production of the stage classic.

I met my wife at a University production of Royal Hunt of The Sun. As an anniversary gift, she got me the DVD. The film is incredible - the DVD is terrible. So this review will be in two p



What’s the point of Zip files?

My laptop ran out of space yesterday. Why? Useless ZIP files!

I needed to download a Windows Virtual Machine in order to upgrade the firmware on a device (long story). The official Windows 10 VM is 20GB


It downloaded reasonably quickly - yay fibre! But I had to wait almost as long to unzip the bloody thing. Whereupon, I discovered t



When your game console becomes your bank

Before GameStop became a memestock (what even is 2021) - it was the subject of another popular meme. The First National Bank of GameStop.

This got me thinking. In the UK, retail banking is (mostly) free. Rather than pay interest to depositors, banks give away free ATM withdrawls, free Direct Debits, free transfers to other accounts.

Some premium accou



Force Directed Graph of the London Tube Map – including CrossRail!

Force Directed Graphs of the London Underground have been done many times before - but I think I'm the first person to add the new Elizabeth Line (CrossRail).

I've also created a JSON graph of all of London's rail services - including DLR, Trams, C2C, ThamesLink etc.





Minimum Viable Tweet to Semantic SVG

One of the problems with OEmbeds of Tweets is that they're heavy. Lots of JavaScript, tracking cookies, and other detritus. See this excellent post by Matt Hobbs looking at how to make your website faster by removing Twitter embeds and replacing them with images.

Here's my attempt to turn a Tweet into a semantic SVG!

This doesn't attempt to faithfu



Ten Years Later – Was Elop Right?

A decade ago, Stephen Elop made the announcement that Nokia was adopting Windows Phone 7 as its platform of choice.

Being the mobile nerd that I was, I live Tweeted the press conference.


Let's take a look back to see what Elop and I got right or wrong.




What do you miss the least from pre-lockdown life?

This was an excellent writing prompt from Janet:


Toilets! That's what I won't miss. It isn't the queueing for the single free bog, nor the (lack of) industrial-strength loo roll. It's finding the bloody things that I won't miss.

I quite often went to other offices as part of my wo



Why is it so hard to give digital gifts?

I am reading The Digital Transformation Playbook for part of my MSc. It's a good book, but I found this passage about eBooks a little confusing:

what about gift giving? No one I have ever asked has thought that an e-book was an acceptable substitute for a printed book when giving a gift.

I've received an eBook as a gift (than



The next disruption of the music industry?

Another short - and probably incorrect - prediction about disruption.

Spotify, for all its tech, isn't magically disruptive. The business model is similar to a radio station. It pays music publishers based on what songs its listeners' request.

(This is grossly oversimplified. Stick with me.)

Spotify buys a product wholesal



Movie Review: Space Sweepers / 승리호

This is a frustratingly good movie. I wish I had the film-making vocabulary to describe it properly.

As a fun sci-fi heist, it is a triumph. The special effects are light-years beyond Star Wars - both the original and the sequels. The multi-lingual world it presents is possibly the most realistic depiction of the future that



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