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"SwiftUI, Privacy, macOS, and the Web"


I had planned on working this weekend but got distracted and instead wrote this 4000+ word riff on what I think about SwiftUI, privacy in software, open source, and where I think Apple is heading.

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Why can’t we stop tooting? 

Because the show mast od on!

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I resent that my computer, the most complex and powerful machine I'll likely ever use, is turned on by some pissant little five-cent plastic button like it's a shitty VCR from the 90's. I want a massive ornate copper knife switch, as long as my forearm, with the lower position hand-lettered "HALT" and the engaged position labelled "COMPUTE." When I go to use my computer, I want it to know I MEAN it.

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Friend of mine linked me this... rosstuck.com/the-everybody-poo -- it's an amusingly scatalogical take on code quality, but it definitely has some truth to it as well. Figuring out how and when to make these tradeoffs can be one the more challenging aspects of our jobs.

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My 5 yo: “Daddy I think you should go on the rain forest tree gym
Me:Rain Forrest Tree?
Me: Do you mean a jungle gym?
Her:Oh yeah. Jungle Gym

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i'd post dune memes but i'm a little shy 


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Feels like it’s wrong to be an experienced dev who loves dev.

“With your experience, you could be doing these tech designs or writing docs or managing a team or...”
“No thanks, I like devving”

“You have no career ambition!”
“Wrong. I want to be a better dev who actually does dev work.”

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Web: We noticed you're using an Ad blocker

Me: I noticed you're using 32 tracking services.

Courtesy by Matt Weagle, @mweagle (twitter)

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Oh, so I'm starting to collect a list of people who might be interested in a native Mac tootclient...

Feel free to toot'n'boost this.

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Did my part for #DeactiDay.

I’ve been on Twitter since before the iPhone existed. But like many of us, I’m sick of all the stuff you’ve heard plenty about, and it’s only been getting worse over the past decade.

I’m not quite ready to delete my entire account, but I’m considering it. I deleted the apps from all devices and posted a ‘find me elsewhere’ with links.

It’s a step at least.

Getting this thing set up and running. Kinda interesting, reminds me of early Twitter back in 2007 when it wasn’t awful.


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