@doenietzomoeilijk @nolan True - I’ve heard it’s a much better experience with WSL2 on Windows, but I’m not on the insider builds so I couldn’t say; my home Windows machine mostly gets used for gaming.

@nolan Yeah... I like Apple’s hardware, but other brands are getting good enough now that it’s getting harder for me to justify the price premium, plus my dev workflow for my own projects these days is very Docker-centric and that’s always been a bit of an afterthought on the Mac, unfortunately.

Thanks for this writeup - I've been a split Mac laptop/Windows desktop user for years and I'm increasingly finding myself unenthused about the direction of the Mac and its hardware, so this is a jump I've been thinking about making - either with an XPS 13, or possibly something like the new System76 Lemur Pro. I do a lot of .NET stuff, but mostly on Core, so not being on Windows isn't a big deal per se. @nolan

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"SwiftUI, Privacy, macOS, and the Web"


I had planned on working this weekend but got distracted and instead wrote this 4000+ word riff on what I think about SwiftUI, privacy in software, open source, and where I think Apple is heading.

@Mj@onster.farm That's awesome - I didn't know he was making fountain pens now, but I haven't hung out on Ars IRC in a couple of years. At any rate, looks like a nice pen and ink combo :)

@Mj@onster.farm Fantastic handwriting. Is that a fountain pen?

diagnosing via webmd 

@bowers This is why I assiduously avoid Googling medical symptoms. Everything on the internet is the worst case scenario.

@shadowbottle (Weird, never got a push notification for this) Yeah, I used Firefox waaaay back when it was Gecko/Phoenix and it's been interesting to see how much it changed. Unfortunately, I still tend to find it sluggish at times on macOS. :( Chrome has reasonably good performance and a good plugin ecosystem, so I stick with it for now even though the data vacuuming it does for Big G kind of squicks me out. :P There's always Safari, but that has its own major annoyances for me, too...

@shadowbottle I’ve been using it for a while (beta channel) and it’s grown on me over time. Still thinking about making another run at full time Firefox usage though... for some reason Chrome usage has been particularly “sticky” for me.

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Why can’t we stop tooting? 

Because the show mast od on!

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I resent that my computer, the most complex and powerful machine I'll likely ever use, is turned on by some pissant little five-cent plastic button like it's a shitty VCR from the 90's. I want a massive ornate copper knife switch, as long as my forearm, with the lower position hand-lettered "HALT" and the engaged position labelled "COMPUTE." When I go to use my computer, I want it to know I MEAN it.

@amirrajan Thanks for that link - there's a bunch of good resources there, some of which I've seen previously when I've made abortive attempts at Clojure. Maybe this'll be a good excuse to pull out emacs and try it again... assuming I don't get bogged down yak shaving on my emacs configuration ;)

@amirrajan Yeah, I've looked at Clojure a little bit and I do find it kind of intriguing, especially combined with Clojurescript/Figwheel... I've thought about trying it on a personal project since I'm unlikely to get them to agree to use it on anything at work.

Unfortunately, I also have a hard time coming up with good ideas for side projects. :(

@amirrajan ...I actually just realized I've missed out on 3 years of "programming Ruby" jokes when it comes to training her.

As for actual Ruby, I haven’t written a ton - worked in a .NET shop that made a transition to being a node.js shop with a smattering of Ruby for some tasks and subsequently got acquired and is now making a transition to being a 100% java shop. I’m... not really convinced this is an improvement. 😉

@amirrajan To be fair, Ruby actually loves kids and tries to drown them via licking, she just doesn’t like when they chase her with noisy push toys. 🙂 She’s not quite 3.5 years old, so she’s pretty much full grown at this point and has mellowed out a little from when she was a puppy. Her name, amusingly enough, has nothing to do with the language even though I have written Ruby code here and there 😉

@chartier Yeah, my wife and I do this and we have the same issue. Unfortunately neither of us has a good solution and we just live with it. 🙁

@amirrajan Ah, ours has the more usual fears like fireworks and hyperactive toddlers :) This is Ruby in her normal state, heckin’ lazy: mastodon.social/media/-su8jWUy

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@amirrajan What kind of dog? She looks almost exactly like our mini goldendoodle/labradoodle mix, even down to the slight “racing stripe” of darker fur down her back 🙂

Friend of mine linked me this... rosstuck.com/the-everybody-poo -- it's an amusingly scatalogical take on code quality, but it definitely has some truth to it as well. Figuring out how and when to make these tradeoffs can be one the more challenging aspects of our jobs.

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