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found reason. after 1,5 hour trial & have to reeboot device after change "..install sw from unknown sources". Now it works, but ui is too much customized by samsung for me. Dont like that..

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For all kind of motocycling travellers.
Next weekend in Belgium, close to german border

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With another 50 signatories to our public letter in the last 2 days, tech companies offer a strong rebuke to #article13 and #article11 - these will be very harmful to the EU tech industry!

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Okay #commodore64 programmers, game designers, musicians, publishers... tell some #c64 news that I don’t already know that I can share right now with my #c64 followers 😀👍🕹📺
#c64mini #ultimate64


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🐧 New entry: Kig

📕 Summary: A free/libre and cross-platform interactive geometry software for high school students and teachers. It allows the creation of geometric figures and their manipulation.
🏠 HomePage:
🔧 Dev:
📖 Our entry: lebottindesjeuxlinux.tuxfamily
🎬 Video:


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