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Thinking about how the United States Federal Government owes me $2000

Driving home from work today, and it really hit me just how big a loser I am. And how long I have been such a loser!

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You ever think about how long you’ve been a complete loser?

Lol damn the Simpsons wiki just spells it right out, huh?

You know the covid situation here is improving because the protestors are back at the abortion clinic

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Wanting the news, and instead getting the weather <<<<<<<<<

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Check out this gorgeous pocket knife Kayla got me for our anniversary. I’m gonna do so much whittling

You know what song still kicks ass? Maps

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fish are always acting like big time tough guys, but they wouldn't be shit without their fancy gills

Wanting the news, and instead getting the weather <<<<<<<<<

Oh fuck. No man’s land...No Man’s Sky...ohhhhhhh

Yankees love to talk shit about how Southerners can’t handle snow, but if they experience one single thunderstorm, they will pee and poop in their pants.

Laughing imagining the guy asking Charles Martinet to make kitty cat noise

Lol the ice is coming down so hard it sounds like someone is throwing gravel at the windows

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