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RT @jnginstitute@twitter.com: Looking at the wide variety of active learning strategies, research, and disciplinary examples, this site can be adapted and incorporated in virtually any gateway course. ablconnect.harvard.edu/pages/a

What constitutes the surface approach to learning in the light of new empirical evidence? tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.10

RT @CBELifescied@twitter.com: Have you checked out LSE's new Evidence-Based Teaching Guide on Peer Instruction? ow.ly/RSND30kAgAh

College for Students with Disabilities: We Do Belong (review)

RT @nick_chater@twitter.com: Concept Maps in the Trenches ift.tt/2Hrdej9

RT @gpblocks@twitter.com: What to do after ? Try GP! Featured in Issue 5 of @HelloWorld_Edu@twitter.com Magazine. Read more here: helloworld.raspberrypi.org/iss

RT @kellycoate@twitter.com: Pleased to see my @kingsbschool@twitter.com colleagues' research on Lecture Capture has gone a bit viral: link.springer.com/article/10.1 Key message: students' expectations need to be managed as LC is not a substitute for attendance.

RT @BenjaminBHerold@twitter.com: 1/ I spent the past couple months trying to understand how and why companies are trying to measure, monitor, and mold students' feelings, mindsets, and ways of thinking. You know what that means...thread incoming.

RT @mguhlin@twitter.com: Infographics Made Simple Templates with new content from David Mcgeary and Diana Benner (@diben) at ly.tcea.org/ims . Read the companion blog entry at blog.tcea.org/infographics-tem Also read Five Things blog.tcea.org/five-googly-thin for more from @lexilynnlaw@twitter.com

RT @Rob_Briner@twitter.com: We all learn from textbooks. But should we? Are they a trustworthy source of information? Here's a study of the extent to which basic psychological phenomena are reported in an unbiased way. Same likely applies to and textbooks.


RT @edutopia@twitter.com: New research shows the power of project-based learning, performance assessment, and group work w/ middle school science students via aft.org/ae/summer2018/holthuis @AFTUnion@twitter.com @Stanford_SCALE@twitter.com

RT @lecturetoolkit@twitter.com: is a crucial part of the learning process. Learn more on how to use videos to do it at the toolkit. onlinelecturetoolkit.com/feedb