Thomas Tobin talks about his book Reach Everyone, Teach Everyone: Universal Design for Learning in Higher Education on episode 227 of the podcast

RT Deep poverty affects approximately 1.5 million Americans, but 's high-impact research & practical application can help eradicate it.

Check out's latest blog post for 25 ways that psychologists can work to .

RT Enjoyed reading this new article about strategies used by new lecturers to engage students, particularly as a new lecturer myself!

RT When I go over study skills for my students, I often talk about the downsides of "pulling an all-nighter."

RT Q: For those who studying course-based undergraduate research experiences (CUREs), is anyone looking at the importance of authenticity (vs. relevance)? This article suggests an interesting framework:

How authentic does authentic learning have to be?

RT Many undergrad psych textbooks do a poor job of describing science and exploring psychology’s place in it

The knowledge that college biology instructors need to be effective in using active-learning instruction in large classes (video) & report

RT Fidelity of Implementation: An Overlooked Yet Critical Construct to Establish Effectiveness of Evidence-Based Instructional Practices

Virtual reality simulation, Becoming Homeless, can help make people more compassionate compared to other media

RT Developing student feedback literacy. explaining what it means and why it is important in less than 4 minutes.
Interested? see:

RT FACT: Fewer than 15% of low-income get a four-year degree, while more than 6 in 10 wealthy students do. Learn should be a campaign issue here:

RT We are thrilled to announce that the The Online Lecture Toolkit is now the Online Learning Toolkit! If you check out the new site make sure you subscribe and we will keep you up to date as we expand our resources.

RT A Transformation to Learning Engineering: Bror Saxberg gave the Distinguished Lecture last week. Video and recap:

RT AAC&U and invite STEM faculty to join us in celebrating Active Learning Week from October 22–26 by integrating culturally responsive, active learning strategies in your classroom.

RT The testing effect with authentic educational materials: A cautionary note

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