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Now published: "The Snap! Programming System" by @bromagosa@twitter.com on @SpringerNature@twitter.com link.springer.com/referencewor

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Option 2: Don’t forget about the body: exploring the curricular possibilities of embodied pedagogies. For the uninitiated, embodied pedagogy is anything that involves thinking with your body, acting, drama, tableauxs etc.

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Perma.cc seems pretty cool: Perma.cc helps scholars, journals, courts, and others create permanent records of the web sources they cite. I just learned about it. Who uses this? ⁦@permacc@twitter.com⁩ perma.cc/

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Check out @CathyNDavidson@twitter.com last blog post, where she shares some terrific tips about how to turn a traditional introductory lecture course into a student-centered learning experience bit.ly/2VNocqc @HASTAC@twitter.com

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“We get people to tell their friends: Hey, this course was really great, I had this great instructor.” chroni.cl/2YGvlKN

Course of Mind: @ISTE@twitter.com’s learning sciences initiative iste.org/explore/classroom/cou by @KripaSundar@twitter.com @CourseOfMind@twitter.com

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Shamelss self-promotion.You might want to check out this advice guide "How to Hold a Better Class Discussion." chronicle.com/interactives/201 via @chronicle@twitter.com

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The huge variation in graduation rates at colleges that enroll similar students suggest that the problem isn’t the students — it’s the schools. nytimes.com/interactive/2019/0

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Looking forward to learning new stuff and strengthen my weaknesses in this ⁦@coursera@twitter.com⁩’s data science specialization by ⁦@rdpeng@twitter.com⁩, ⁦@jtleek@twitter.com⁩, and ⁦@bcaffo@twitter.com⁩

Data Science | Johns Hopkins University coursera.org/specializations/j

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Excellent article and analysis
The College Dropout Crisis nyti.ms/2HNctTI

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There are proven models for the student-ready design of colleges and universities. @GeorgiaStateU@twitter.com has increased graduation rates by more than 70% by deploying them. @ToddatMSDF@twitter.com calls for us to scale these models nationally. bit.ly/2Jp0hff

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as an Educational Challenge "Being an Information Curator, we hold the responsibility to add value to the learning of others. THAT changes HOW we read & write" langwitches.org/blog/2019/05/1

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According to two new studies on student evaluations of teaching: a simple intervention can fight gender bias, at least in the short term, and perceived teaching effectiveness declines after tenure. Via @insidehighered@twitter.com bit.ly/2VTSdJK

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7 People With Less Visible Disabilities Talk Misconceptions and Stigma ow.ly/SwW130otz28

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Today is the last day of the 2019 @NSF@twitter.com STEM for All Video Showcase. PLEASE SHARE!"Teaching Accessibility: Including Accessibility in Your Courses" stemforall2019.videohall.com/p


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