RT @CBELifescied@twitter.com: Faculty Beliefs about Intelligence Are Related to the Adoption of Active-Learning Practices ow.ly/BSDT30mWP3o

RT @TeachValencia@twitter.com: Want students to be able to learn from your feedback? Try the wise feedback technique to help students learn to incorporate your feedback into tangible learning. ow.ly/Vr5730mWCKe

RT @yallsop@twitter.com: When evaluating children's learning of we should focus on process of thinking and learning, not only programming constructs. Read my latest paper: sciencedirect.com/science/arti

RT @PlayNiceInst@twitter.com: THREAD: About the Fortnite hysteria, from a professor who studies video games and mental health and who is also a parent of two 12-year old boys that play Fortnite. 1/N

RT @nic221@twitter.com: What the Times got wrong about kids and phones - Columbia Journalism Review buff.ly/2D4O6jB

RT @chronicle@twitter.com: A colleague "taught me that teaching doesn’t have to be (and shouldn’t be) a solitary experience. We bring each other, other teachers, students, into the work." chroni.cl/2ATy0GX

RT @chronicle@twitter.com: How psychologists at one university are helping students incorporate science-based learning strategies in their studying. chroni.cl/2zO23jD

RT @CBELifescied@twitter.com: Active Learning in Flipped Life Courses Promotes Development of Critical Thinking Skills ow.ly/qxQ730mUc8e

RT @UA_magazine@twitter.com: Why does the scholarship of teaching and learning remain a hard sell to faculty? @KMBorto@twitter.com universityaffairs.ca/opinion/i

RT @AchieveTheDream@twitter.com: To put students at the center, @drkastout@twitter.com advocates “excellent teaching & support for quality instruction must be at the core of our reform work.” @NCStateCED@twitter.com lecture “The Urgent Case: Centering Teaching & Learning in Next Gen of Redesign” ow.ly/9BKU30mOHjz

RT @drkastout@twitter.com: This is interesting data @CompleteCollege@twitter.com. Until we reduce these equity gaps AND improve overall attainment rates, our work is unfinished. @achievethedream@twitter.com colleges seeing completion gains but consistent or larger equity gaps are not fulfilling the completion challenge. ⁦

RT @bod0ng@twitter.com: Kudos to @houshuang@twitter.com who almost single-handedly coded FROG, which is open source here: bit.ly/2Qby1wg twitter.com/angelagunder/statu

RT @finleyt@twitter.com: Why Lessons Fail (and what to do about it). - Brain Blast

RT @webaxe@twitter.com: Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1—for People Who Haven’t Read the Update 24ways.org/2018/wcag-for-peopl

RT @CompleteCollege@twitter.com: See how your state is performing on important metrics like on-time completion, time and credits to degree, gateway course success, and remedial success. Visit our data dashboard at completecollege.org/data-dashb

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