RT @guzdial@twitter.com: High school students learning programming do better with block-based languages, and the impact is greatest for female and minority students computinged.wordpress.com/2018

RT @ncasenmare@twitter.com: The is done! 🎉 With 19 playful explanations on topics from math to biology to game design & more! Thank you everyone who made this first EE jam a success :)

PLAY & LEARN: explorabl.es/jam/

Thanks, I made a handout a few years ago w/more resources on higher order questions here if it is of use: https:bit.ly/gaetzquestions

RT @cwolffeisenberg@twitter.com: "Our biggest competitor is nowhere. Thirty-four percent of the freshmen that we admitted for the last three years, fully qualified, went nowhere. That loss of human capital to this democracy is something that we should all be very concerned about." chronicle.com/article/A-Vetera

RT @MindShiftKQED@twitter.com: A simple strategy to help students generate questions, categorize them and reflect on how different types of questions elicit different types of information @RightQuestion@twitter.com bit.ly/2ICE895 @Kschwart@twitter.com

RT @MindShiftKQED@twitter.com: "When I see the writing all over the paper, it just sounds like you're saying, 'You're a bad writer,'" one student said. Hearing in a 5-min video felt more encouraging @hechingerreport@twitter.com bit.ly/2klX6q9

RT @linkberland@twitter.com: The article highlights that a key reason the med students skip classes is that they have found better ways to study for their high-stakes multiple-choices tests because it is clear to them that that is what really matters. twitter.com/RichDuszak/status/

Helping students develop habits of reflection: What we can learn from the @NILOA_web@twitter.com assignment library learningoutcomesassessment.org The Assignment Library: assignmentlibrary.org/

RT @OnlineCrsLady@twitter.com: translation tools (from English, then back into English) product similar effects. the solution IMO...? let's assign MEANINGFUL WRITING instead! :-)
highly recommended book: The Meaningful Writing Project: Learning, Teaching and Writing in Higher Education amazon.com/Meaningful-Writing- twitter.com/jenelcavazos/statu

RT @MegMittel@twitter.com: Planning learning activities for this semester's classes? Visit ctl.uga.edu/active-learning and download @ugactl@twitter.com's active learning handout - click each activity on the chart to see a brief description and example of its use in a classroom. @CMKuusinen@twitter.com @zEDoemorris@twitter.com

RT @EAB@twitter.com: It matters who is teaching your 101 classes—and how.

RT @pfeltenNC@twitter.com: Inclusive pedagogies matter, and this is a great resource for strategies: lifescied.org/doi/abs/10.1187/ But @BMDewsbury@twitter.com reminds us that strategies are not enough. We need to critically question our own assumptions & broader social inequities, and also listen closely to our students

RT @SChewPsych@twitter.com: Spoke to several incoming students today about effective study. Created a brief guide to effective studying & a discussion assignment to get them to think about how they study. Both docs here:

RT @danae_hudson@twitter.com: At @bwhisenhunt1@twitter.com and I led a conversation hour about the challenges associated with teaching large classes. We brainstormed as a group and then we created this table to capture that information. docs.google.com/document/d/1k1 @TeachPsych@twitter.com @APAEducation@twitter.com

RT @SChewPsych@twitter.com: Will My Students Actually Want to Do This Assignment? chronicle.com/article/Will-My- via @chronicle@twitter.com

RT @CBELifescied@twitter.com: Values Affirmation Intervention Reduces Achievement Gap between Underrepresented Minority and White Students in Introductory Classes ow.ly/xD1G30lq2hl

RT @SChewPsych@twitter.com: Here are the text and slides for my Brewer Award Address: Why Do Psychologists Do Research Like Scientists but Teach Like Dummies for dropbox.com/sh/nprc95btjgiaxo1

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