Good morning, my beautiful communists of Mastadon! I hope the day is treating you well

Help, mastadon people: send me motivation to write cover letters!

It might be that I'm getting older, and as you get older you listen to less new music, but...

I really don't understand why I would listen to music that ISN'T Carly Rae Jepsen's Emotion.

Je pense que McDonald n'est pas apprécié de tous/toutes.

Ceci est une hypothèse.

Happy National Coming Out Day!

I'm still gay!

Have a great one.

"But doctor... YOU are the great clown Pagliacci!..."

I admit, sometimes I feel insecure about how many people I reach on bird space/mastadon/etc. Even though it's not really a competition worth winning, and even though I'm happy with my silly ramblings going nowhere most of the time.

But my real solace comes from the idea that at least I'm not one of those accounts that just toots quotes from movies and animes. They really are at the bottom of the heap.

I love social media, but I'm starting to believe that being able to access bad news 24/7 might be bad for people's mental health?

I have no idea what my blood type is but I know my astrological sign in some detail.

I'm going to be in some trouble, aren't I?

Stupid question: Are guinea pigs less evolved rabbits?

... Or more?

Thought I was terribly depressed. Turns out these feelings went away when I had a coffee.

We are all just bags of uncontrollable hormones, aren't we?

Internet, I have questions: People keep telling me that Grimes is cancelled. Is this just because she's dating Elon Musk?

aaaand if that's so, isn't that a bullshit reason to cancel someone?

I am suffering from insomnia again and I absolutely cannot sleep.

At this stage, I have no idea if I am early bird, night owl or just a worm.

The "notwithstanding clause"'s boring ass name is a great camouflage. If it was called the "suspend-your-constitutional-rights-because-we-just-feel-like-it clause" I don't think it would have been accepted.

It's a very bad sign when Canadian politics becomes interesting to Americans.

I'm really looking up to that 76 year old woman arrested today in Queen's Park for protesting the Notwithstanding Clause. That's the type of conviction I would love to show.

Unfortunately, moving to a new country means that I've pretty much given up the right to protest things for the near future. Unless I want a forceful and unpleasant one-way trip back to Canada.

this toot is cursed. all who witness it will be driven to madness. please boost.

Goodnight to all you beautiful, beautiful communists.

I'm slacking on my weekly toot quota so boost me and I'll start tooting all of my thoughts

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