Hello! Just read a Wired article on Mastodon and thought I would check it out. Not quite sure how this works yet. I'm looking to talk about intelligent


@CitizenZero It's much plainer than twitter as far as interface, but much much much nicer. TBH, I don't go on here as much as I though I would, but I'm not much for social media.

And as for science fiction, if you care to discuss LeGuin, I am here for that.

@edvonaderkas I'm not sure I understand the "instances" concept. Is it like a subreddit? How do I find other instances?

@CitizenZero Not really sure. One thing I've noticed is that a lot of things like that on Mastodon are not really clearly spelled out or are not very intuitive. It could be that I've missed something very obvious, but since it wasn't spelled out to me, I've never worried about finding out more.

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