@CitizenZero Not really sure. One thing I've noticed is that a lot of things like that on Mastodon are not really clearly spelled out or are not very intuitive. It could be that I've missed something very obvious, but since it wasn't spelled out to me, I've never worried about finding out more.

@CitizenZero It's much plainer than twitter as far as interface, but much much much nicer. TBH, I don't go on here as much as I though I would, but I'm not much for social media.

And as for science fiction, if you care to discuss LeGuin, I am here for that.

Good morning, my beautiful communists of Mastadon! I hope the day is treating you well

Help, mastadon people: send me motivation to write cover letters!

Dwarf Fortress 

It might be that I'm getting older, and as you get older you listen to less new music, but...

I really don't understand why I would listen to music that ISN'T Carly Rae Jepsen's Emotion.

@jleedev Me neither. For similar reasons that you don't see abattoirs next to McDonalds, maybe? It would ruin the... atmosphere they're going for.

@jleedev oh honey. You think gravestones made themselves, traditionally?

@Snoro Je suis heureux de voir un nouveau opéra gai, mais j'aimerais si c'était sur un relationship moins... problématique? Hadrian et Antinous se sont rencontrés quand Antinous avait 12 ans.

Je préférais un opéra sur un personnage comme Frédérique II de Prusse.

Mais, quand même j'irai voir l'opéra.

@sjml It also says: "I am DM and all cereals are fitting tribute!"

Je pense que McDonald n'est pas apprécié de tous/toutes.

Ceci est une hypothèse.

Happy National Coming Out Day!

I'm still gay!

Have a great one.

@saper Constitutions are weird. They're combinations of quite practical rules meant to be enforced AND a vague statement of what the state wants to be.

And that's just the states that have written constitutions.

"But doctor... YOU are the great clown Pagliacci!..."

@saper Some might say that ANY constitution is wishful thinking, if people don't enforce it.

@OfficialABBA Unfollow me and I cut you.

unless you're not following me. In which case, follow me or I cut you!

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