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Rust Code Generator almost complete yay! Visual for Smart Watch @ThePine64@twitter.com... github.com/lupyuen/blockly-myn

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Walking on sunshine! , an @esa@twitter.com & NASA collaboration, is launching tonight to study our nearest star. Get to know this first-of-its-kind mission: go.nasa.gov/2Sbi3Wo

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Welcome to JS, we got NaN !== NaN, typeof null === 'object', 0.1 + 0.2 == 0.30000000000000004, "" == false… 🤣


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Как-то в Новосибирске зимой на остановке я спросил знакомого из Питера ощущаются ли вот эти -35 как -10 в Питере.

Он почему-то нахуй меня послал.

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@thekitze@twitter.com Please write more CLIs. Don’t make me learn how to use your bespoke UI when a terminal command does the job

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Beyond the Pale Blue Dot

@NASAVoyager@twitter.com's iconic image of planet Earth is turning 30. Join us for a discussion about perspective: the value of what a single pixel can tell us and what it can make us feel.

Thursday, Feb 6 7pm PT (10pm ET, 0300 UTC)

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Physics of the Impossible: A Scientific Exploration into the World of Phasers, Force Fields, Teleportation, and Time Trave - By Michio Kaku: bit.ly/2UXoVVY -AmazonAfflink

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I've been using Jira for the last year and here it is added to my ranking of top project management tools:

1. Trello
2. Piece of paper
3. Word document shared via ftp
4. Shouting to each other over the table
5. Not tracking tasks at all
6. Jira

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Astonishing view of lightning from the ISS as it orbited the Earth above Saudi Arabia!

(Credit: NASA)

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Just added tui and font render feature for my tiny @rustlang@twitter.com project github.com/7sDream/fontfor.

It was originally just a script to find fonts for uncommon characters, but now can be used as a simple font viewer!

Only tested in macOS, but feel free to try it and report any issues!

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A 'technical error' in Google Takeout service accidentally shared private videos (uploaded to Photos) of some users with other accounts.


Google admitted the latest mishap yesterday in a security alert sent quietly to affected users.

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Archivists have pirated more than 5,000 studies about coronaviruses and made them open access: "It's a moral imperative," they said. “A copyright on the health of humanity? Fuck off.”


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“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” twitter.com/WBYeats1865/status

using emacs for a few years straight already.. wtf is emacs document?

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Striking: another amazing orbital sunset above the Pacific Ocean

Credit: NASA Johnson

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