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"Last night in Sham Shui Po"

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GMK Paperwork最高に良い

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WebAssembly Weekly #88


⛓️ Wasm in the blockchain
🕸️ Neural Networks


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Я просто подошел к терминалу QIWI и просто почему бы и нет

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Opera singers dubbed with dial up modems are gonna be big this summer

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A fantastic talk by Andres Rossberg which takes a deep dive into lots of upcoming WebAssembly features youtu.be/pq-Pa2Fj4nE

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A timelapse video created by @neilbickford@twitter.com from @nvidia@twitter.com
Again, live demo is available at nvidia.com/en-us/research/ai-p

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Zoom in on ESO 495-21

(Credit: Hubble, DSS, Risinger - Music: Astral Electronic)

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I was seeking a good site to land, when I passed this Gas Giant. Thanks to the nearby Blue White star it's rings turn into a large silver shining disk, tempting all travelers passing by to have a closer look....

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Born of a hybrid between human and Guardian technology, the Guardian Fighters are a beauty to behold. Credit to CMDRs DocteurGui, Iolair_Uaine and Frosty704.

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I made a Flutter package for reading objects from Amazon S3 ift.tt/2X4sV7s ift.tt/2XwAJU6 @flutterdev@twitter.com

Finally gave Mass Effect Andromeda a try, despite dumb looking and crab walking characters it isn't so bad

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inspired by @simonstalenhag@twitter.com 's amazing concepts

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WebAssembly brings Google Earth to more browsers blog.chromium.org/2019/06/weba an amazing demo of the power of WebAssembly - which also makes use of multi threading

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