Hey @marcoleewow@twitter.com , I have something to share - don't test DIY cables on your keyboard. I plugged in malfunctioning cable and killed my teensy in ergodox. Had to desolder it and put a new one from my dactyl parts collection 🤦‍♂️

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credit goes to @/ilex_opaca on istagram

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WasmWeekly #81


🐦 support is coming!
🚄 Mono AOT
📚 wasm caching in Chrome
🤐 1Password uses WebAssembly


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🔥 ResizeObserver has landed in Firefox Nightly!

We're one step closer to being able to do high-performance ultra responsive design with no media queries 🥳

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Bipeds learning how to walk using genetic-algorithm... "Black friday shopping chaos" 🤣🤣

My new corne "blue cheese" with my wife's tofu cheese

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Neat trick I just learned from @LFiolhais@twitter.com.

let mut var = "foo"; // var is mutable
var = "bar"; // mutate
let var = var; // downgrade var to immutable

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If you're into @rustlang@twitter.com and interested in seeing more firmware written in Rust, check out what @intel@twitter.com is doing in the world of hypervisors. Who out there plays with firmware and containers, hmm let me think... @jessfraz@twitter.com 😁github.com/intel/rust-hypervis

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Rust 1.34.2 has been released with the fix for CVE-2019-12083.

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This is what it would look like if the biggest asteroid in the Solar System collided with Earth.

Credit: Discovery Channel

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Thailand Bombs The Country With Tree Seeds

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μAMP: Asymmetric Multi-Processing on microcontrollers - Embedded in Rust blog.japaric.io/microamp by @japaricious@twitter.com

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