any designers on here that wanna help out on a mastodon app for ios? particularly interested in working with you if youre part of an underrepresented group in tech.

boost for visibility? 😊

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if you’re interested in helping, just send over a reply, or DM 👋

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@edwellbrook What's the app name?

There's now efforts on several apps among people I know, and neither has a 100% feature set yet, though some are closer to it than others.

@Gargron it’s called “Tusk” atm, but that’s open to change :)

if you wanna put me in touch with other people working on apps, that’d be amazing!

@odinsdream still deciding whether the app should be free or paid. if paid, then it’s absolutely a paid gig for the designer.

obvs need to decide on what we’re doing before anyone other than me does any work on it tho

@edwellbrook it seems like offering to help any of the other existing apps would be better, then.

@odinsdream absolutely an option. particularly if you're trying to build a full featured client. doesn't work so well if you wanna make a fairly opinionated client which misses out on some features though (more like what im going for)

@edwellbrook I'm just clarifying that you're asking under-represented folks to do unpaid labor

@odinsdream gotcha. that's not what im going for at all, and i'm sorry that's how it sounded.

my options here are make a paid app and pay the designer, or, find a designer to work on an open source project.

@odinsdream really embarrassed it sounded otherwise. thanks for bringing me up on it!

@curtismchale what do you mean "the current ios app"? there's no official one afaik, and im looking for something a little more opinionated

@edwellbrook Amaroq for Mastodon by John Gabelmann

@curtismchale have used it, and like it! want something a little more opinionated and i guess twitter-like

@edwellbrook hey you can hit me up! I've done design work for open source apps before, and i do UX for a living :) Not a ton of time on my hands right now, but I can contribute! :D

@edwellbrook if you think my aesthetic is a good fit for your project I will happily do a commission^^ you can look at my stuff at

You can also find more artists if you check the tag #commissionme and #commission

@edwellbrook I would love to help out with usability and accessibility stuff.

@adriankenny i think im good for the moment, but will let you know! 😄

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