We used to play some approximation of cricket here years ago. I see they've removed the slide that fielded at silly mid off.

House rule: if you hit the slide on the full, you're out caught.

It's yet more evidence that the game favours batters these days...

In case you missed it: We're hiring CS Lecturers/Senior Lectures/Readers in St Andrews. Closing date August 17th.

Hiring in all areas of CS and I'd love to have more Programming Languages colleagues!


Welll I never, I'm on a train to England. This is actually a little bit scary.

I wonder if you can get masks with "IT GOES OVER YOUR NOSE" written on them.

This is important because type checking interesting dependently typed programs fundamentally relies on this evaluator. As it stands now, if Idris is slow to type check something, it's almost always the evaluator.

So I hope I can fill in those remaining holes! Place Your Bets...

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There are now 9 holes. so it's still like a golf course, albeit a smaller one.

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Okay, so I've actually got a bit further, it's just that I didn't think of that joke (if that's what it is) until now.

The scheme based evaluator seems to be just the teensiest bit faster...

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Turns out this does adapt to Idris, yay! Although this fork of Idris is currently like a golf course, in that it has 18 holes and involves someone shouting FOUR a lot.

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I suppose if your runtime just happens to include a compiler for the lambda calculus, you might as well see what you can do with it...

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This is a toy language that compiles to Scheme so it can use the Scheme evaluator on open terms, then read back from Scheme to its syntax.

That last example runs instantly. In contrast, the Idris evaluator takes 15 seconds on the equivalent. I might have some fun with this...

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I'm sitting in my ECOOP talk ready for the Q&A. One thing I've learned from online conferences, via prerecorded talks, is what my audience has to put up with. *mutes speakers temporarily*

In case anyone's interested, the answer turns out to be one thread making a blocking FFI call, and the other waiting for the blocking FFI call to finish so that it can run the garbage collector before sending a message to the other blocking thread.

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Are there any Chez Scheme experts who can tell me what a "tc-mutex" is, and whether it behaves differently with "--program" and "--script"?

Still exploring yesterday's concurrency problem... I don't have any of my own mutexes!

I should perhaps have been explicit that I'm not asking for advice here... you'd think I'd know how twitter works by now ;).

I have several guesses as to why this might be happening, and it's clearly a real problem that only one version happens to trip over.

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I'm debugging a concurrency problem in some generated scheme. The only difference between the version that works and the version that deadlocks is a function that isn't used. Isn't concurrency fun?

I've ended up with 8 seconds to spare. I'll have to think of a short joke or I've wasted an opportunity...

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I think if I edit out every time I say the word "so" that's a good two minutes saved.

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I'm recording a talk for ECOOP. It's currently 80 seconds too long. Trying to resist the urge to just speed it up slightly...

Aikman's has been painted and polished up. I might have to complain.

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