Just flicking through, spotted this. It's still pretty much true (the book was published in 1984).

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Looking for inspiration for student projects again. These often help.

Today in mystifying computer behaviour: every time I've left a Teams meeting today, my computer has started playing Kraftwerk at me.

It has good taste, so I've given up fighting it now.

I should add that, don't worry, we're not breaking lockdown rules here, we're just doing our Scottish citizenship exercises.

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Same procedure as last year? Well, some of it, at least. Happy New Year!

Dear LazyWeb: I'm trying to get the latest LIPIcs LaTeX template (submission.dagstuhl.de/documen) to work, but it complains "Package kvsetkeys Error: Undefined key `pdfpublisher'".

Anyone else encountered this? I'm hoping to solve the problem without, say, upgrading my entire OS.

I got this for Christmas but I can't use it until I've used my Baker Street, Edgware Road and Leicester Square mugs otherwise I'll be in Spoon across the diagonal.

Just in case anyone else wants to tell me about this, don't worry, I know :). I'm looking forward to seeing what they do with it!

I hope Idris is coping okay with lockdown.


Not everything needed rescuing, at this point. I can probably manage without some of these for a while.

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That's an Idris unsafePerformIO, not a Haskell one... I wonder who I was corrupting, and why.

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I went on a rescue mission to my office for some things I've been missing. First visit in months, and probably the last for months. Seems I left myself some mysterious secret messages. I wonder what we were up to.

Anyone interested in studying for a PhD? We have funded positions available in St Andrews for a September 2021 start. Details here: blogs.cs.st-andrews.ac.uk/csbl

Let me know if you're interested in doing something related to dependently typed functional programming.

Apparently some people have noticed the Idris 2 github isn't very active at the minute.

Don't worry, I haven't given up. It's just that teaching is extra hard at the minute, and I'm not going to burn myself out. I realised it'd still be there at the end of term after all!

Incidentally, "not paying attention to twitter" is my favourite new hobby. Really good for my mood. I highly recommend it.

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If I'd been paying attention to either twitter or my email, I'd have realised that Type Driven Development with Idris was part of @ManningBooks Deal of the Day today: manning.com/dotd

There's still time though! Download it while stocks last!

I see on reddit that "dependently typed languages tend to be very slow to compile / run". I realise a lot of why people think this is my fault, because it took me a long time to get around to implementing an efficient Idris. I don't think it's true any more though!

I've got to the bit of the JavaScript course where I teach them about monads.

I won't use the word, of course, but I'll be thinking it pretty hard. I'm sure that'll come across on the recording.

My latest record is called "The Document Object Model". I hope it'll be a hit.

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I think my job is now, more or less, a combination of "Recording Artist" and "Critic".

I'm happy to be a designer of a "Toy language". I like toys, they're fun.


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