Hi I'm Isabel! I'm a scientist who studies infectious diseases in animals.

I do when I can, write in , discuss being and , and I run a local group in my free time.

My handle comes from the way a barista spelled my name on a coffee order. I still wonder how I said it.

@eeeeesobel eeeeesobel sounds like a great pronunciation :thumbs_up_hmn_g1:

I'm the tech in a plant lab, we work on membrane trafficking (mostly in roots). I do copious amounts of cloning, with occasional microscopy and frog surgeries from time to time. Nothing infectious.

I had a friend years ago who worked at Plum Island - are you in a BSL-2 or 3 lab? Is it cool?

@compostablespork no way! I’m at the Plum Island equivalent in my state. We collaborate with them on outbreaks of national significance :)

@compostablespork also that’s awesome! What’s the most fun thing you’ve worked on?

@eeeeesobel I have a lot of fun with microscopy - I can sit for hours in the dark scanning through endless amounts of cells (or smaller) and that makes me happy. My old lab had almost unlimited access to a new TEM and I loved it!

What's your favorite thing?

Microscopy's one of the things I didn't get much experience on in school and I wish I had more. It's real pretty work, on top of being cool.

I do a lot of disease diagnostics, so I like watching diseases evolve and move, geographically. is a good way to visualize what I like to do. And yes, I work on some of those diseases. >:)

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